International Festival of NanoArt
Cris Orfescu

The 6th edition of the International Festival of NanoArt will be hosted by the Virtual Museum of NanoArt. Details to follow. Meantime, please visit my 3D Virtual Gallery of NanoArt at:

"NanoArt is a new art discipline at the art-science-technology intersections. It features nanolandscapes (molecular and atomic landscapes which are natural structures of matter at molecular and atomic scales) and nanosculptures (structures created by scientists and artists by manipulating matter at molecular and atomic scales using chemical and physical processes). These structures are visualized with powerful research tools like scanning electron microscopes and atomic force microscopes and their scientific images are captured and further processed by using different artistic techniques to convert them into artworks showcased for large audiences." (Cris Orfescu)
"NANOdesign is a new discipline emerged from art and design interaction with science and technology. Everyday things and fashion are designed by reproducing structures and patterns from nano world (molecular and atomic landscapes)." (Cris Orfescu)
Surrealist Photography: channel the unconscious as a means to unlock the power of your imagination. Focus on dreams, psychoanalysis, and fantastic imagery. Impressionist Photography: captured images are digitally manipulated to create images without detail but with bold colors. Travel Photography: Animals, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Nature, People, Plants and Flowers, Places, Sports.

Cris Orfescu was born in Bucharest, Romania, and lives and works in Los Angeles since 1991. He is a self-taught artist and also a degreed scientist who is experimenting for over 45 years with different media and art forms including digital art, murals, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media, faux painting, trompe l’oeil, collage, graphics, animation, web design, video, multimedia. For more than 30 years he is experimenting and perfecting a new art form, NanoArt, which reflects the transition from Science to Art through Technology. Orfescu was showing internationally his awarded works in USA, Italy, France, Finland, Korea, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Greece in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His art was commissioned for public and private collectors. read more »
submission date: 4/7/2020

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Photographs and Text by Shannon Taggart

American artist Shannon Taggart (born 1975) became aware of Spiritualism as a teenager, when her cousin received a message from a medium that revealed details about her grandfather's death. In 2001, while working as a photographer, she began taking pictures where that message was received—Lily Dale, New York, home to the world's largest Spiritualist community—proceeding to other such communities as England’s Arthur Findlay College. Taggart expected to spend one summer figuring out the tricks of the Spiritualist trade. Instead, Spiritualism’s mysterious processes, earnest practitioners, and neglected photographic history became an inspiration. Her project evolved into an eighteen-year journey that has taken her around the world in search of ‘ectoplasm’—the elusive substance that is said to be both spiritual and material.

With SÉANCE, Taggart offers haunting images exploring Spiritualist practices in the US, England and Europe: 150 of her original photographs, many of which have never been published, as well as rare historical photographs. Supported with a commentary on her experiences, a foreword by Dan Aykroyd, creator of Ghostbusters (1984) and fourth-generation Spiritualist, and illustrated essays from curator Andreas Fischer and artist Tony Oursler, SÉANCE examines Spiritualism’s relationship with human celebrity, its connections to art, science, and technology, and its intrinsic bond with the medium of photography. The book concludes with the debate over ectoplasm and how Spiritualism can move forward in the twenty-first century. read more »
submission date: 3/29/2020

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Lux Art Institute presents Artists-in-Residence, Kahn & Selesnick
Truppe Fledermaus & the Carnival at the End of the World

Encinitas, CA – Artists Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick are a collaborative team of artists based in New York who explore contemporary global issues through the creation of fictional worlds. The artists give us a glimpse into a time where the social and environmental issues that plague society continue to go unaddressed. The artists’ timelines shift between the past and present, playing with optimism and pessimism while filling their work with humor, satire, and morbidity. Transcending time and place, their made-up mythologies and anthropologies serve as cautionary tales. “Having worked with allegorical stories surrounding the environment for over 20 years, the work of Kahn & Selesnick is essential to envisioning a better future for the world. We are excited to have them at Lux and look forward to their engagement with the local community.” says Andrew Utt, Lux Art Institute’s Executive Director. The dualities found in Kahn & Selesnick’s work are represented in their ongoing series entitled Truppe Fledermaus & the Carnival at the End of the World. Here, the artists explore issues we face as a global society, wrapped up in the subtle guise of a fabricated world in which a carnival troupe traverses a landscape consumed by the effects of climate change. Their artwork gives us a peek into fictional worlds, similar and parallel to ours, through objects, documented rituals, and ceremonies from the paracosm their characters inhabit. “We are looking forward to coming to Lux and expanding our Truppe Fledermaus project by working with terracotta sculptures, green man costumes, and musical interludes,” shares both Kahn and Selesnick. Kahn & Selesnick utilize meticulously handcrafted costumes and props, desolate landscapes both foreign and familiar, sweeping views, and theatrical stages as a backdrop for their photographs. Utilizing everyday materials in non-conventional ways, the artists elevate the absurd. Lux would like to thank the San Diego Foundation for their generous contribution to this exhibition. Visit Lux to find out more about how Kahn & Selesnick bring these worlds to life.

Kahn & Selesnick. Nicholas Kahn, born in New York City, and Richard Selesnick, born in London, UK, have collaboratively created extensive mythologies since the 1980’s. Working with photography and installation, their stories are a combination of past, present, and future, mixed with fantasy and anthropology. Using materials, elaborate costumes, and narratives that are pushed to the absurd, Kahn & Selesnick’s anthropologies are a mix of utopian and dystopian lore. Kahn & Selesnick both received BFA’s from Washington University, where they started working together and are currently based out of New York state. They have shown at the Brooklyn Museum of Art; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; The Houston Museum of Art; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; and the Smithsonian Institution.

About Lux
Lux Art Institute is redefining the museum experience with the region’s only artist-in-residence program that invites artists to live and work on site while producing a commissioned work of art. Lux is committed to making art more accessible and to inspire creative thinking. At Lux, visitors don’t just see finished works of art, they see the artistic process firsthand by observing internationally recognized artists in a working studio environment.
submission date: 3/4/2020

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“Indian Impressions”, Domenico Pasqua’s first UK Solo Show
Baglioni Gallery in London

For the first time in the UK, Le Dame Art Gallery present Italian artist Domenico Pasqua with “Indian Impressions”, a journey to India’s holy places, where different themes and expressive techniques that, although starting from the same idea, are shaped by the artist’s intimate inspiration. Domenico Pasqua combines reality and imagination, figurative and abstract elements, photography and paintings. His works are compositions of thoughts, visions of seen and imagined things; games of colors that evaporate just like wishes, leaving only clues for us to build other thoughts and images. Places and people are combined in architectural patterns, which are both linear and rich in elements, at the same time. Although statically photographed and painted, nature draws symphonies of movements, games of lines and colors, both matching and contrasting, like mosaics or kaleidoscopes giving off a sense of beauty and harmony. Pasqua’s complex pictorial effort allows us to contemplate artworks of great aesthetic beauty, which are not only executed with great technical skills but also enriched with a deep poetic sensitivity. Domenico Pasqua is an Italian and Belgian citizen who studied architecture at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza', where he graduated cum laude in 1985. He worked as architect mainly for Residential projects, and since 1990, he also worked as photographer for a studio in New York specialising in works on commissioned for International museums. As an artist, he had his first group show at the age of 18, in Florence. Since then, he has always been pursuing his artistic research. In 2019 he participated in the 'Artrooms Awards', International Art Competition, winning the first prize with the work 'The Children of Mont Abu'. He currently lives between Rome and Antwerpen where he opened a new studio in 2015. read more »
6 Feb – 6 May 2020
Baglioni Gallery, Baglioni Hotel
60 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington London SW7 5BB United Kingdom
submission date: 01/28/2020

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El Concurso de Artes Visuales Contemporáneas de América Latina​
25 de Junio al 15 de Agosto del 2018
Agora Gallery

La competencia ofrece a artistas de América Latina, el Caribe y de la diáspora latinoamericana la oportunidad única de presentar su arte a un público internacional en el famoso distrito de arte de Chelsea, en la ciudad de Nueva York. Los premios (valorados en USD $ 55,000) incluyen la participación en una exposición en la ciudad de Nueva York, participacipación en una feria de arte en Estados Unidos y oportunidades de promoción en línea y premios en efectivo. Un panel de jurados especializados en arte Latinoamericano revisará todas las inscripciones en busca de grandes talentos. El Concurso de Artes Visuales Contemporáneas de América Latina​ es una plataforma espectacular para promover tu obra a nivel internacional. ¡Aprovecha esta excelente oportunidad para artistas latinos en cualquier etapa de sus carreras! Para obtener más información o para participar, visita Contáctanos en​ ​​ ​o en​ ​Facebook​.
The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition ​- June 25 to August 15, 2018
The competition offers artists from Latin America, the Caribbean and the Latin American diaspora the unique opportunity to present their art to an international audience in the famous art district of Chelsea, in New York City. Prizes (valued at $ 55,000) include participation in an exhibition in New York City, participation in an art fair in the United States, online promotion opportunities and cash prizes. A panel of juries specialized in Latin American art will review all the entries in search of great talent. The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition ​ is a spectacular platform to expose and promote your work internationally. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity for Latino artists at any stage of their careers! For more information or to participate, visit Contact us at ​​ or on ​ Facebook​. read more »
submission date: 5/14/2019

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Nick Suzuki
Visual composer

I consider myself a visual composer who, with lightness, careless and without shame, utilises and mixes different techniques and visual arts. I don’t go along or belong to any group, school or trend. Groups and schools are prisons. Bounds are boundaries to the freedom, the freedom which is the base to try understand who I really am, who You really are.
Artistically I don’t have conscious influences. I usually improvise, in art so in life. I don’t use to prepare and organise things before to do something. It’s tedious and I don’t have enough discipline for it. In Italian I would say: Navigo a vista. Literally Dead Reckoning. My interest goes to people and their faces, that’s why only love figurative arts in every style or form I like to observe people which are the mirror of myself and the understanding of Myself in their daily activities and emotions, and I keep myself ready. Sometimes, for few seconds, it’s like I can experience their momentary emotions, especially if it is frustration or sacrifice. A stranger can make us feel emotions that don’t belong to Us. Empathy. And it is that vision, in which I transcend, that I want to translate into something real using Art as a device tool. I use the others. I then confront them with myself. It can be seen often in my art where my portrait is often the background layer, hidden or drowned under other’s emotions.
I was born in Bologna, Italy, the 8th of August 1973 in a middle-class family, basically formed by Teachers, Doctors and Economists. I was forced to follow my parents steps so I graduated in Economics. Meanwhile, I was 18, I met and get along with Massimiliano Valli, a talented Film director and peculiar person witch I still admire. He made Best Boy in his movies. That’s where my love and dreams for Cinema light up. In secret I attended a Cinema university, DAMS Bologna. During the university time in Urbino, I I get really well along with the Maestro Bruno Tontini, a contorted painter and sculptor, known in Urbino for being hot-headed alcoholic and untameable trouble maker. With him I spend 5 years of real friendship, interrupted by his incarceration.
Together we mostly experiment with the videocamera doing short videos using us as actors. He also teaches me the basic of sculpture and painting. I consider Bruno my first Maestro d’arte, even if his style didn’t influenced any of my works. Bruno is in prison and I get my graduation. Back to Bologna I start to work in my parent’s business as business consultant. After 6 month I buy a ticket to Shanghai and I quit the job. Since that day I still wandering around asia doing videos, photos, drawing and tattooing. Nick Suzuki (Nicola Suzzi)
submission date: 4/4/2019

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34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
Opens on February 5th, 2019
Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery is pleased to invite artists from across the globe to enter the 34th Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Selected artists will receive prizes and opportunities that will grant invaluable exposure, boost recognition, and promote career growth.

“The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition has been an annual tradition within New York City’s vibrant art scene for more than 30 years. Artists from around the world can have their work reviewed by distinguished jurors and, if selected, exhibit their work in a major Chelsea gallery. It’s a marvelous opportunity open to all and we strongly encourage artists at every level of practice to participate!” -Eleni Cocordas, Director, Agora Gallery

The 2019 competition awards are valued at more than $70,000. In addition to cash prizes, other awards include participation in the collective exhibition, featured magazine profiles, valuable PR opportunities, and an honorable mention. A portion of the gallery’s proceeds from artwork sales will be donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation.

“My experience with Agora has been almost a dream come true. I never imagined ever exhibiting in a New York City Chelsea Art Gallery. I thought that would have been the extent of my reward for being selected but I was amazed at how much Agora was committed to the success of the artist… This was absolutely a dream come true. I highly recommend Agora to all artists, especially new and up-and-coming artists. I also reached out to my brother who is a painter and an old high school friend, a photographer. The best thing about Agora was that it reignited the fire in me to continue painting. Thank you.” -Herold P Alexis Patrick, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

The 2019 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition will be accepting submissions between February 5th and March 12th, 2019. Results will be announced on April 16th, 2019, with the competition exhibition slated for August 10–20, 2019.
Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Apply to be recognized by Agora’s reputable jury. Visit for more information and detailed instructions on how to enter. You can also contact us at read more »
submission date: 1/8/2019

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Frank Morris
Fine art and fashion freelance photographer based in Italy

In his youth, he was fascinated with cameras and started taking photographs with a Voigtlander SLR and teaching himself photography. He uses 35mm Nikon,  medium format Hasselblad, Large Format Toyo 45 and Wista Folding. His work covers a wide variety of events that can be seen on this site: portraits, glamour, fashion, reportage, fine art nudes and large format Polaroid film. Unique fine art Polaroid image transfer and emulsion lift. Available for personal - fine art portraits, portfolio developement, model comp cards, promotional material for artists and performers. His published work has appeared in a number of magazines.

Sin dalla giovane età, iniziò a scattare fotografie con una Reflex Voigtlander VSL, attivando contemporaneamente un percorso autodidattico. Utilizza preferibilmente fotocamere manuali, luce naturale e stampa personalmente le sue immagini.  Nikon 35mm, medio formato Hasselblad, grande formato Wista Folding e Toyo 45 sono i suoi strumenti di ripresa. Il suo lavoro comprende numerosi generi: ritratto, glamour, fashion, reportage, nudo artistico, compreso il trasferimento di emulsione/distacco con materiale Polaroid grande formato. Disponibile per ritratti personali artistici, sviluppo / aggiornamento portfolio, composit, materiale promozionale per artisti. Pubblicato su numerose riviste del settore.  read more »
submission date: 7/26/2017

The Chelsea International Photography Competition
Opens July 18, 2017
Agora Gallery

Photographers at both the amateur and professional level are invited to enter the Chelsea International Photography Competition. With a fierce dedication to promoting the arts and discovering and exposing new talent, the CIPC will honor selected artists with an exhibition at Agora Gallery, providing invaluable exposure to promote career growth and boost recognition. This year’s competition awards are valued at over $55,000 and are designed specifically to support our larger mission: to promote the spread of extraordinary and innovative art in our modern world and to ensure the future productivity and enhance the careers of selected artists. Selected photographers will participate in the collective exhibition and receive valuable PR opportunities. A portion of the gallery’s proceeds from artwork sales will be donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation. The 2017 Chelsea International Photography Competition will be accepting entries July 18 - September 13, 2017. Results are announced on October 24, 2017, with the competition exhibition scheduled for January 27 - February 7, 2018. read more »
submission date: 7/26/2017

ONE • ONE PLANET ONE FUTURE - An Exhibition of Photographs by Anne de Carbuccia
Time Shrine Foundation

“LIVE LIFE” IMAGERY CONFRONTS OUR CURRENT CRISIS Hosted by Time Shrine Foundation Westbeth Center for the Arts 155 Bank Street, New York, NY 10014
Anne de Carbuccia’s photographs make ingenious use of vanitas art, a tradition that dates back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which features the skull and the hourglass as symbols of vanity andtime. Using these objects, organic elements, and found objects she creates an installation—a shrine—in symbolically significant environmentsto draw attention to that particular location or to honor its beauty.This bold reimagining of classical still life composition might be called “live life” imagery. These images and a short film were made on expeditions to which de Carbuccia traveled with a very small crewand an instinctive sense of purpose. Her photographs are both an homage to their subjects—water, forests, endangered species—and an exposé on the ruinous effects of pollution and war. They record what is fast disappearing for future generations while also serving as a plea to reimagine a new world.

The Installation
The indoor exhibition will take place in what was once the WestbethSculpture Room. During Hurricane Sandy, the space was completely flooded. The installation will reproduce the effect of the flood as a reminder of that event and a call to action, as climate change caused by human activities continues to disrupt weather patterns. The entrance to the exhibition is on the top floor, above the main gallery and photo coves, providing visitors with a bird’s eye view of the space. Reflections on the pools, the sound of water dropping, and the gradual descent into the main gallery sets the mood for the exhibition experience. Visitors discover the photographic works as they navigate the main gallery and four separate photos coves via a wooden deck. The theme of the main gallery is wonder and hope. Each photo cove is like a chapel consecrated to a different theme: extinction, water, war, and plastic. A short film narrated by de Carbuccia takes visitors behind the scenes on the photographic expeditions and illuminates the intention of the work. A spectacular exterior component of the exhibition will take place on a part of the Highline that has never been used before. This inaccessible stretch of the Highline will be “re-wilded” with fifty-four trees interspersed with three teleidoscopes—a kind of kaleidoscope with a lens and an open view that creates kaleidoscopic patterns from objects both inside and outside the instrument. The trees and the “game of lights” projections will be visible from Washington Street. Playful and unexpected, the Highline installation aims to surprise, amuse, and suggest possibilities for creating green urban environments. ONE • One Planet One Future is an extended two-month live event with dynamic projections, an interactive public installation, and an immersive experience. About Anne de Carbuccia Anne de Carbuccia was born in New York and grew up in Paris. She attended Columbia University in New York City where she studied anthropology and art history, specializing in 17th- and 18th-century art. She returned to Paris and worked for Drouot, one of the oldest and most respected auction houses in the world. She later developed an interest in using photography and films as a means of seeing primitive culture and art in a contemporary context. The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco hostedWater at Dusk, a solo exhibition of images from Anne’s time shrines project (January 30¬–February 28, 2016). Private collectors in Europe and the U.S. have acquired her photographs and video art portraits.

Time Shrine Foundation
In 2015, de Carbuccia founded the non-profit organization, Time Shrine Foundation, as a way to fund efforts to raise awareness and protect vulnerable environments and cultures. The exhibition ONE is another way in which the Foundation seeks to promote these goals. All proceeds from the sale of de Carbuccia’s original artworks support environmental efforts in the places she photographs and films. read more »

submission date: 8/25/2016
ONE • One Planet One Future Accordion Book Paperback – September 16, 2016 by Anne de Carbuccia (Author, Photographer)

Mei Xian Qiu "I Love You"
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

"I started to think towards two divergent rivulets. One, the phrase "I love you" as used in daily parlance, aggressive, vulnerable, necessary, and common simultaneously, the most important frightening thing; it was also a gateway to what you, yes, as an individual with a perceived sense of identity, believe others want you to say to them; it was a qualifier to other more alluring and emotionally specific concerns. How do we trade in love, sex, happiness?" An inspiration for the series had been "Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe" by Edouard Manet, depicting a nude woman at a picnic with 2 well dressed men. Painted in a rough, bold manner, this painting caused controversy in 1862 for its shocking and raw depiction of gender inequality, revealing the nude tantalizing figure as both a probable prostitute as well as an allegorical muse. Again, there is the study of contrasts -- the feminine versus the masculine, the naked versus the clothed, the elite versus the commonplace, and the innate aggression versus the vulnerability of the act of nudity itself. Which led to secondly, maybe not so divergently, the fetishization and objectification of inspiration, of the muse, of all passion—the shattering, obvious, hard edge of this that tail gates easier romanticized views. The series, "I love you” examines the intersections of adoration and desperation, victim and aggressior, oppression and self oppression, globalism, even colonialization and provincialism." read more »
submission date 1/16/2016
The Nymph of the River Lou; Autumn2014 by Mei Xian Qiu

Kathrin Günter and Tanja Selzer "Séance"

The janinebeangallery announces the upcoming exhibition "Séance ", featuring artworks of the photographer Katrin Günter and the painter Tanja Selzer. January 9th – February 20th 2016 Kathrin Günter knows all about the illusions of eternal fame and of everlasting love. She is familiar with the mechanisms of the media and all the different forms of manipulated adoration. For more than 15 years Kathrin Günter has been observing and studying every celebrity moment, particularly the simultaneous longing for attention and a desperation to stay out of the permanent spotlight. Kathrin Günter sees and records everything for what we call eternity. Tanja Selzer lives and works as an artist in Berlin since 2003. Her paintings resemble snapshots of a dream, enchanted and unreal. Seemingly incoherent motifs are combined by the artist as a sequence of an ecstatic and dream-like plot, reflecting everyday sceneries, but continuously evading mere causality. read more »
submission date: 1/5/2016

International Contemporary Art Show

BASEL, SWITZERLAND: Celebrating nine years in Basel, SCOPE Art Show returns to its pioneering location in Klybeckquai. A wellspring of cultural development for Basel Stadt, SCOPE is the initiator of extraordinary happenings centered on the New Arts District on the Rhine, including the founding of a world class Art & Culture Hall. SCOPE Basel will welcome 85 International Exhibitors alongside 10 Breeder Program galleries, and a selection of Juxtapoz Presents galleries offering a view of the contemporary art market available nowhere else. Exhibitors hail from four continents and over twenty countries including China, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy, Iran, Russia, Turkey, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Spain, and Canada. Following its tremendous success in Miami, SCOPE is honored to present the second edition of Feature | Korea, in collaboration with the Galleries Association of Korea. Sponsored by the Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, this curated section offers a glimpse at the current art trends in Korea and shines new light on the country’s contemporary cultural practice. read more »
janinebeangallery: booth A13
artists: Inna Artemova, Grigori Dor, Dario Puggioni, Florian Fausch
June 16-21, 2015 - SCOPE Basel, Uferstrasse 40 CH - 4057 Basel, Switzerland

Galería MÜ La primera galería de fotografía fine art en Colombia

ALBÜM is a virtual and print magazine specializing in contemporary Latin American photography created by Galería MÜ. In order to identify new talents, we have opened four call for entries per year. Each one of our editions is focused on a region of Latin America: Southern Cone; Brazil and the Eastern Region; Andean Region; and Central and Mezo America and the Caribbean. The call for entries begins with each season according to a region. The selected artists receive 3 spreads (6 pages in total) that include images and text about the selected series and a resume at the end of the magazine. The call for entries are open to artists born in Latin American countries, foreigners that have lived for a minimum of 5 years in a Latin American country, or collectives in which at least half of their participants are Latin American. We only accept projects with photography or derivations thereof, including but not limited to: collage, scanography, image appropriation, etc. ... read more »

Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy
Purpose - webmag photographique

For several years magazine has been offering space to well-known and unknown photographers who question our world, bringing together photography and contemporary musical compositions. Today we are opening our work to the publication of books, magazines, fanzines… with the creation of PURPOSE ÉDITIONS. We are delighted to present our first publication: Jean-Jaurès, a photographic book by Gilles Raynaldy. During three years, Gilles Raynaldy observed the everyday life of students, professors and staff of a school establishment in Montreuil near Paris: “the cité scolaire Jean-Jaurès”. Gilles Raynaldy’s photographs are both distant and very close to their subjects, they capture the multiple facets of a complex reality: individual gestures, movements of groups, attitudes, postures and signs of adolescence. As in a film, the book moves through the seasons of the school year; it opens classroom doors, it shows playgrounds, laboratories, kitchens, the dining hall… places that are sometimes bustling with people and sometimes silent. Shots of the exhibition which was organized by the photographer in the “cité scolaire” mingle with these black and white and colour photographs. This exhibition in situ accompanied the students’ life for a few months, forming one body with the buildings’ walls. Release date 11th June 2015 Available in bookstores and on read more »

Talberg Museum
Zwei Juden in Deutschland: Max Weinberg und Ruben Talberg

Max Weinberg
Max Weinberg (86!) wurde 1928 in Kassel geboren. Seine Eltern flohen mit ihm und seinen Schwestern vor den Nationalsozialisten 1933 zunächst nach Belgien und schließlich 1935 nach Israel. Dort verbrachte er das erste Drittel seines Lebens und nach Abschluss des Kunststudiums kam er 1959 mit 31 Jahren nach Frankfurt am Main.
In Weinbergs Werk treffen das Irrationale und Rationale, das Impulsive und das Kalkulierte, das Chaos und die Ordnung aufeinander. Seine Kunst ist unberechenbar, ordnet sich keinen Trends unter und bezweckt, der Phantasie neue Spielräume zu öffnen.

Ruben Talberg
Ruben Talberg wurde 1964 in Heidelberg geboren. Er lebt und arbeitet in Offenbach am Main. Talberg ist Pataphysiker. Die Pataphysik ist eine Teufelskreis, in dem die schwefeligen Zeichen und Metamorphosen des Rausches verrückt geworden sind, ohne daran zu glauben. Sie entwickelt sich in einem parodistischen Universum, da sie die Resorbtion des Geistes in sich selbst ohne eine Spur von Blut ist. Jean Baudrillard.
The “wrong” side of the canvas becoming the “right” side. The material depth of wood, carvings, other miscellaneous textural and textual inscriptions. The big black scratch signature dipped in the pen of ashes (an imprint of tar). Beyond the visual to the tactile. Art of great significance for semiotic graffiti- style resistance against global capitalism and finance. Alan N. Shapiro, New York / hfg Offenbach.

13. April - 31. Juni 2014
Eröffnung am Sonntag, den 13. April 2014 - 14:00 Uhr

About Talberg Museum
The Talberg Museum was founded 2011 and considers itself as a long-term investment into the cultural landscape of the Rhein-Main area, a high-carat complement with regards to contemporary art. Paramount is TAMU’s task to preserve, to explore and exhibit the art of Ruben Talberg, The TAMU sees itself as a permanent autonomous zone of dialogue which manifests itself through temporary exhibitions, permanent exhibitions and events. Special exhibitions are planned with regards to contemporary Israeli (Jewish) art. The building itself dates back to 1891 when Carl Kraushaar opened a carpenter's workshop. He died in 1939 as his son-in-law Carl Salzmann took over the firm. In 1944 the structure was completely bombed out like the rest of Offenbach. After the war it was gradually rebuilt from the ashes and 1951 on its 60years jubilee Salzmann could reopen his carpentry here.

About Ruben Talberg
Multiple media sculptor and contemporary artist, based in Offenbach/Germany and Southern France. The German-Israeli artist creates abstract works from various materials with hidden references to alchemy, Kabbalah etc. Website features biography, press, photo galleries and contact information. read more »

Robin Reji
Fashion photographer

I am a photographer, i like to play with colours also give some diffrent look, a creative lighting and style to model, if u want to make ur name in all world trust others, i have aim to become a top photographer, I m a self-motivated individual seeking a challenging career in a technically demanding organization where I can give my optimum performance to enhance the growth of the company along with developing my skills. To advance in the field of photography in every venue

Asher Neiman Gallery
Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

On March 1st, 2008, Asher Neiman Gallery made its foray into the art world. While we are a fine art gallery, our definition of 'fine art' is expansive; that is, in addition to paintings and photography, we aim to house, purvey, and promote: hand-made jewelry, sculpture, music, and film. Our artist stable contains an ever-increasing variety of mediums and methodologies. Our gallery takes on a separate identity in the evenings. We host meetings, small corporate events, live music, budding artist showcases, as well as fundraisers for various charities. Asher Neiman Gallery is located in Red Bank, New Jersey, a unique and charming enclave just 5 miles from the Jersey shore and 45 miles from NYC. We're honored to inhabit 16 Monmouth Street, the former location of Art Forms Gallery, a beloved Red Bank landmark for 23 years. "I want to disseminate beauty and to stir the soul of any who are curious, to bring a fine aesthetic to peoples' homes and to fill the gallery walls with spectacular examples of creative spirit in a range of color and form." — Emily Asher Neiman, owner read more »

Fabio Ruggiero

fashion, n.i.p ( not important person ), stories, gallery read more »

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram is a professional Freelance Photographer based in Cobar. Mark recently moved from the Far North Coast of New South Wales where he photographed extensive, coastal landscapes and seascapes, river scenes, sunrises and commercial images. Mark is now living in Cobar where he captures landscapes and nature images of the outback. The outback is a dry barren landscape which has rich colours of the earth and clear blue skies. The landscape plagued by drought is rarely noticed by the majority of people in Australia, Mark's images showcase the real outback. Mark Ingram Photography is a photography service that caters for a vast range of services. Packages are available for function and portraiture, studio lighting is used to capture natural skin tones. Images are printed by professional digital labs on a variety of mediums. All images are captured using Canon SLR cameras, images are processed using Adobe Photoshop CS2 software. . Whether you need a studio shoot or an outdoor or location shoot, I can offer some of the most attractive rates in the business - If you are busy perfroming or if you are in between rehearsals, I can even set up a studio where you are to save on time. You can even see your contacts in a personal and secure on-line section that you can share with your agent or manager. read more »

Pascal Molliere
Performing arts photographer

I started taking photographs when I was about 10. My father gave me a Zenith 35mm SLR. My Grandfather was a street portrait photographer in Versailles and my father studied photography in Paris before he came over to England in 1965 and it was he who first showed me how to use a film camera..
Theatre Stills Photographer
My career in this creative field has grown over the years. I became involved in theatre stills photography several years ago when I worked with John Haynes at the MacCowen Theatre in London. Shortly after I was asked to photograph for the Linbury Theatre and LAMDA.
Performing Arts Photographer
All aspects of photography interest me greatly including reportage, film stills, studio portrature etc. Primarily I'm a people photographer and I particularly like shooting the performing arts, televison, film and theatre. The light, the fast changing subject matter and the rich expression of the stage is a great challenge and I enjoy creating art out of art.
Theatre Photographer
I've been lucky enough to have worked with a variety of different directors and theatre companies in recent years - Crispin Bonham-Carter, Helena Kaut-Hausen, Greg Doran - The Linury, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The MacCowen theatre and I continue to take on new challenges within the performing arts arena including The Circus Space and BBC television. Actors Headshots I offer a very comprehensive and flexible photography service to actors and students. Whether you need a studio shoot or an outdoor or location shoot, I can offer some of the most attractive rates in the business - If you are busy perfroming or if you are in between rehearsals, I can even set up a studio where you are to save on time. You can even see your contacts in a personal and secure on-line section that you can share with your agent or manager. read more »

C. W. Marsens
Fine art photography

fine art photography and contemporary art. Presentation of the photographer C. W. Marsens and his work. "Leitung in betrieb", "Oradour", "View", "Bosnia-Herzegovina"… a glance on human cruelty read more »

Emanuele Carpenzano
Photographic World

Emanuele Carpenzano was born 37 years ago in Sicily, he lives in Adrano where he works as a professional photographer. His works are supported by a continuous personal research and characterized by his love for the traditions, landscapes and faces of Sicily. His participation in many contests and exhibitions has earned him great success with the public. He is President of the Sikanie Photographic Association, which was founded in 1996 in Catania. He is also a sensitive interpreter of wedding photography. He engages himself with the couples by understanding their emotional investment and with his artistry helps create one of the best days of their lives. Emanuele wants to promote the "Photographic World" through his shows, exhibitions and artworks. read more »

Salvo Sciacca
Art over computer

Salvo Sciacca was born in 1979 in Catania, Italy. His art name is AOC meaning art over computer. He is working as an auto body repair man. In the last 6 years he has developed a passion for photography.

Damon Hope

Damon is based in London but has traveled widely in his search for better imagery. Working for some of Londons best fashion and news agency's as well as freelancing and artistic work. In the last few years he has spent time documenting Faithless the UK dance act as their official "live" photographer.

Karkau Pierre Thomas
Fashion and advertisement

Pierre Thomas Karkau loves life as he loves women. Women were the subject of the black and white photographs of his previous book Models Secret, and they are again the topic of the colour photographs in his newly published work Colorotic with which PTK further develops his interpretation of the female aura and eroticism. For PTK women ­ mainly shown as semi-nudes or nudes ­ are beautiful, highly feminine creatures of great sensuality, erotic vibrancy and allurement. This does not solely emanate from the women's bodies and forms but also from their lust (for life), their assertiveness, strength and sometimes even from the positions, gestures, facial expressions and other body signals that serve to demonstrate their predominance and power. In PTK's photography men only play very subordinate roles, if any at all ­ but they are the main addressees of his artful play with emotions, fantasies, ambitions and needs. It is a masterful interaction of perspective and light, underlined and accentuated by powerful predominantly warm colours. After years as assistant to top photographers in the fashion capitals of Milan, Paris, New York and Düsseldorf under his belt, PTK is an internationally renowned photographer who mainly works for the fashion and advertisement industry. However, he continues his artwork with COLOROTIC which has been influenced not only by the classic ideas of visuality of the last decades but is also inspired by recent trends in colour photography. As a result PTK has been published the world over in magazines such as FHM, GQ, MAX, MAXIM, PLAYBOY, RED HOT, WIENER and many more. This latest development should particularly delight his friends and admirers; the collectors of his work will certainly welcome his increasing artistic proximity to such great names of his trade as Ellen von Unwerth, Mario Testino and Helmuth Newton. You can gain further insight into PTK's work under where you will find impressive examples of his photographic oeuvre from different fields of fashion photography. -- Martin Fervers read more @ amazon »
Colorotic (Compact Books Photo) (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish Edition)
Models Secret (Multilingual Edition)

Claudia Reinhardt

Claudia Reinhardt began taking photos at the age of 18 with the goal of becoming a fashion photographer. She assisted various photographers and worked as a freelance fashion and advertising photographer. Subsequently she studied at the School of the Arts in Hamburg. In 1994 she founded the art magazine Neid. She lives currently as a freelance artist and an assistant professor in Berlin and Norwa read more »

Fun Bucket
Scanned head, distorted scan ..

moving heads and faces...
1. Get an old crappy scanner (new ones lamps are not bright enough)
2. Start scanning with your head in front of the scanner and move your head about to get some freaky results.
3. Send your picture to us (remember we only use the raw pics so don’t edit the picture first – no photoshop)

Gautam Narang
The artist and the world

What is photography? What is art? What is the point of it? It's everything around us, and it's yourself, there is no point, it's putting your thoughts on paper, in an instant, expressing more than words can, so many things. Photography and art isn’t limited to the medium, it's more than that, I believe the real art is the artist and the world, this is what inspires us. What catches one person’s eye, but another walks past? With photography I have learnt the value of detail, it has taught me to look for details, to look for things, this is more than clicking a button. The camera simply allows the user to catch the image, it is the artist who sees it. The way I think is life is full of speeded up days, what the camera does is crop this so you can focus on what you want. It takes a moment, and stretches it to infinity, and gives us the calm of observing that moment properly, and life is like this to me, full of clutter, and very special moments. In India, I saw uncensored reality, real poverty, real madness, not the sanitized cleaned up, behind closed doors society of Britain. But why are these themes so interesting to me? Because they are more real, everyone identifies with the underdog, not many can identify with the entrenched falsity of the ruling classes. This is where photography is different, it is designed to raise questions rather than answers, but the result is that artists will remain unfulfilled, because in their quest for answers, they simply raise more questions. Don’t take anything on face value, everything can be doctored even these words words, read them once, forget them, and go make your own art
published in
Aesthetica magazine (front cover), BBC website, pixel press, f-stop magazine, EOS magazine (Top shot best photograph of the month) creative soup zine (a new magazine that publish artwork from emerging artist) , Revolver, Global Tribe is an exciting new program that connects young people around the world through meaningful service projects. Five Photographs used for Boomerang media, a postcard company that distributes postcards to universities, nightclubs & Cinemas, Canon CPS website official site for Canon Pros. TakeGreatPictures. I was also Featured in double dare press magazine for my project on schools in India, the website gets 350,000 hits a month. Artist for with monthly hits of 6-million people my travel photography is on the website. FILE Magazine, Adbusters magazine with a print run of 60,000 it’s a magazine that gets distrusted all around Canada, Sun magazine and arts magazine in India, Smart Photography an Indian magazine that displays emerging artist distributed throughout India, European Magazine free magazine featuring art, exhibitions, travel, hotels, restaurants, fashion ,etc. We have a top class distribution in five star hotels, golf courses, marinas, boutiques, and also in the Thyssen-Bornemitza Museum in Madrid.. Medium Magazine one of the hottest magazine out their for emerging issues my work is in issue two 2005. Published in BJP (British Journal of Photography) one the best know photography magazines on the planet, an essay was published in June’s issue/2005.!

Aleksey Kozlov - Marina Khlebnikova
Art of Photography

Contemporary emotional powered photography made by traditional old-known method by coloring photo film. Photo Galleries: Erotica, Beauty, Dream, Fantasy, Expression, Gothic, Strange Games, X-Files read more »

OOM Gallery
Art by Pogus Caesar

Pogus Caesar was born in St Kitts, West Indies and grew up in Birmingham, United Kingdom. An award winning broadcaster (Prix Circom Regionale 1995), he has produced and directed numerous programmes for Central TV, Carlton TV ('Xpress' , 'Respect', 'Drumbeat'), BBC TV ('A-Force') and was the first Chairman of Birmingham International Film & TV Festival. In 1993 he set up Windrush Productions Ltd, a film, television and radio production company, and has directed select individuals including Lennox Lewis, Stevie Wonder, Jada Pinkett Smith, Prince, Sir Paul McCartney, Isaac Hayes and the late r&b superstar Aaliyah. At an early age Caesar scribbled and sketched on anything he could find lying around the one room that he shared with his family in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. At 7 years old Caesar found a creative release in drawing and painting, later taking inspiration from the work of Georges Seurat, the French pointillist painter who created pictures using dots, "I couldn't afford paintbrushes so I had to use old fountain pens instead". In his teens he began to sell work in Birmingham's Rag Market, his pointillist paintings were so successful that within a few years he was exhibiting in major galleries like Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, Herbert Art Gallery and the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield. A highlight of this period in his career was presenting one of his pieces to Princess Diana in 1982, a painting called 'A New Approach'. Finding it increasingly difficult to create the fine pointilist images, due to less than perfect eyesight, Caesar's focus moved to photography. The project took him to New York and culminated in 'Instamatic Views of New York' his first touring photographic exhibition, venues included the National Museum of Film and Photography, Bradford (1986). He is best known for 35mm black and white photography and unique and compelling photo montages, created using traditional methods of cutting, burning and breaking images, using his photographs, resin, sand, dirt, pieces of cloth and other household materials. '" I like simplicity and prefer using fixed focus Nikon or Canon cameras, I just photograph the world around me, things I find interesting". Caesar's works are represented in many private and public collections overseas and in Britain including the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Leicestershire Museums, Art Galleries and Records Service and Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery. In 2002 Caesar directed his first cinema film drama, commissioned by Artangel Interaction, 'Forward Ever - Backward Never' is a tragic love story set against the backdrop of oppression in 19th century Cuba. Pogus Caesar's life story is documented in the inspirational and moving book 'Portraits of Black Achievement - Composing Successful Careers', written by Jacqui MacDonald and published by Lifetime Careers Wiltshire. Lenny Henry and Paul Boateng MP are also featured in this uplifting book. In 2001 OOM Gallery was established in Birmingham, United Kingdom, our aims are to contribute and promote artistic excellence in the city OOM Gallery proudly presents a life time's work, showcasing Caesar's photography, photomontage and film collections, we will be updating the site regularly with new images and online exhibitions. OOM Gallery is a privately funded organisation.
Located in Birmingham, UK OOM Gallery has established itself as one of Britain's best online gallery spaces. OOM Gallery offers art by Pogus Caesar that suits a variety of spaces, from photographic prints to limited edition montages we will help you to achieve the perfect look for your personal space.

Richard Warren
Fashion photographer

An internationally published fashion photographer based in Manhattan’s Fashion District. Richard Warren was born in Houston Texas. His father was a newspaperman. At the age of fifteen Richard moved to the Pacific Northwest where after High School worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and also earned a degree in Graphic arts from Western Washington University. By the time he was twenty-one he had moved to New York and began assisting great photographers: Bill King, Helmut Newton, Denis Piel, Robert Mapplethorpe. Warren was twenty-six when he had his first break while living in Milan; a 30 page Couture editorial in Italian Bazaar photographing Valentino, and other top name couture designers. Work continued in Milan and Paris then onto Sydney Australia for Australian Vogue, Follow-Me, Dolly and Australian Harpers Bazaar. In 1990 Warren returned to New York and started a profitable career in fashion photography. The Fall of 2001 was a set back not only for New Yorkers but for the rest of the world. During this period of reduced commercial work Warren immersed himself in the digital world and the result is a state-of-the art, 22-mega pixel digital studio in Manhattan’s Garment district. While still shooting traditional film on location, Warren has up-to-the minute knowledge of digital workflow from capture to post production with everything being available to clients ‘in-house’. Richard Warren currently lives in New York with his wife, two children, a 150-foot English border, which he maintains, and an old Martin 12-string guitar, on which he plays Robert Johnson style classic Delta Blues. read more »

Anthony Ho Ching Kee
Like, pausing in time

My parents are both from Macau but I was born and grew up in Hong Kong. I love this little island. It was my father's mechanical Nikomat that started me taking photos for my secondary school's annual, and from then photography has been with me. Although I haven't received any formal education in photography, I read all photo technique books in my secondary school's library, spent more hours in darkroom than lectures when I was in the law school, and created this photo gallery for an assignment during my graduate studies in communication and new media. "Like pausing in time" was a classmate's comment on my assignment. It was the first time I queried why I take photographs - maybe I enjoy pausing the time, freezing the light that once shined on me, and having the possibility to share with people the faint visuals of life residing somewhere in my mind. This gallery is just a gathering of life's milliseconds, but stories and sentiment are behind the images. Glad to have met you and may I wish you an enjoyable pause in the time.

Jerry Avenaim
Los Angeles

For many years Jerry Avenaim has been working with celebrities, models, talent agencies, modeling agencies, and advertising firms all throughout the United States from Los Angeles to New York delivering sexy, stylish photographs that convey a Beauty and Glamour. Jerry Avenaim uses his special techniques that take the work out of being glamorous and council his clients during every step of the way. Avenaim can turn your dreams into reality! read more »

Ignacio Simal

Presentation of Simal's work Spanish photographer specialized in portrait and humanitarian and documentary photography. Una muestra del trabajo fotográfico de simalcamps Ignacio Simal

Elijah Mirochnik
Big babies

I try using my camera to overcome old learned vocabularies. I created the Big Babies series as a way of challenging myself to talk about young children without relying on the traditional visual language that is readily available for talking about children as cute, adorable little objects. I wanted to resist and challenge images that objectify the child as a doll-like material. In many ways the series was a reaction to the stereotypical Sears-type baby portrait that embodies the cultural stereotype of the cute smiley-faced baby. I find this stereotype to be such a limited and narrow view of young children. In making this series I found that the landscape of childrens' faces are intelligent, thinking, reflective, concerned, and at times intense. Instead of placing the child in a seamless photo studio - instead of yanking them out of their own environments into the photographers studio - the children were photographed within their own spaces and places. I found that use the camera can question the stereotypical standards that influence our conception of children and childhood - standards that lead to overlooking or dismissing the childs intelligence and their ability to express a wide range of thoughts and feelings through an equally wide range of gestures, gazes and expressions.

Nationality: Born in Israel, now an American
Camera: Nikon FE with a 55mm 1:2.8 lens, no filter.
Film: Kodak Max 400 ASA color film.
Where I live: Silver Spring, Maryland

My parents emigrated from Israel to the US when I was a young child. As a five year old I found myself suddenly immersed within an unfamiliar culture and language. As I experienced more and more of the new culture I found myself immersed within I realized that even though spoken language was a barrier, I could make sense of my experience through understanding the unspoken languages of visual form, emotion, and body movement. I was drawn to the study of architecture because buildings speak these unspoken languages. I received a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, Masters degrees from Harvard and Columbia (in education and urban design, respectively) and an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Maryland. For over twenty-five years I have used the architectural education studio model as the basis for engaging public school children and teachers in new educational practices. My work with children in Harlem (in New York City) led me to numerous collaborations with photographers, artists, and dancers and educators interested in testing out experimental and creative classroom practices that empower students and teachers to change their communities. I have exhibited my photography in small galleries since 1979. Most recently, as a member of a group show, I exhibited I Have A Name a photo/text installation on Jewish and Palestinian identity in Israel at the Attleboro Museum (Attleboro, Massachusetts 2002). In my solo show entitled Big Babies at the Sacramento Street Gallery (Cambridge, Massachusetts 2002), I exhibited large format digital prints made from scanned 35mm color prints.

Passion and Pedagogy: Relation, Creation, and Transformation in Teaching (Lesley University Series in Arts and Education)Jan 29, 2002 by Elijah Mirochnik and Debora C. Sherman
Teaching in the First Person: Understanding Voice and Vocabulary in Learning Relationships (Counterpoints) 1St Edition Edition by Elijah Mirochnik (Author)

Arts Online Magazine presents artists, designers, musicians and writers from around the world. The goal of the magazine is to promote the creative lifestyle, whether it's through the collecting of art, the enjoyment of new, original music or the inspiration provided by emerging fashion designers. Home decor is also included with several interesting articles on decorating, purchasing unusual items for the home and setting the interior environment in expressive ways. Submissions from artists, designers, writers and musicians are encouraged. read more »

Fernando Gomez Viñaras
Art and astronomy

In this web-page I show same works made by the fusion of two photographs taken from the most beautiful images in the Universe: The greatest artists´ works of art and the cosmic spectacle read more »

Wang Qingsong
Art studio

Wang Qingsong, 2004
As economic development takes top priority in China's national policies, the country has changed, and its people have changed even more. Everyone appears full of aspiration and seems satisfied with the achievements of reform and rapid development, which are expressed in the Chinese slogan, "One change a year, one big change in three years, and one unidentifiable transformation in five years." Capitalism has "modernized" our formerly agricultural country. In the last two decades, the economic reform has witnessed significant achievements-for example, being selected to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and China's entry into the World Trade Organization, both of which bring it into much closer contact with other countries. This rich contemporary China provides me with a huge resource for artistic inspiration. To sing highly of this new, sweeter-than-honey life of glory, I use theatrical techniques and let the camera narrate true and understandable contemporary stories. For China, with 1/5 of the population in the world, it has to resolve problems of clothing, food, housing and transportation. In housing, developers of real estate have created such terms as "Chinese Manhattan", "Oriental Versailles ", "Park Avenue Apartments", "Palm Beach Springs", "Roman Garden", "Modern SOHO", and "European Classics". In food, it is well known that McDonald's and Pizza Hut are just fast-food stores in Europe and America, nothing more than convenience. However, when they came into China, they became the top cuisine and hot rendezvous for people to have parties, invite friends, celebrate birthdays and meet lovers. On the surface, this phenomenon of going after what is western style represents an ideal for Euro-American materialistic life. But in such an era of globalization, does this ideal also represent worship that can create a lot of ridiculous contradictions? With this thinking, I created many photographic works including "Thinker" (1998), "Prisoner" (1998), "Catcher" (1998), "Requesting Buddha series" (1999), "Can I Cooperate with You? " (2000), "Look Up! Look Up!" (2000), "Bath House" (2000), "Forum" (2001), and "Beggar" (2001). As the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture, Buddhism has accompanied Chinese civilization for thousands of years. It brings comfort and fortune to the people, inspires their soul and enlightens a responsibility for having good relations with the others. This Buddha used to set its goal to save the suffering through self-devotion. However, in the current commercial society, the respectable Buddha has also been changed. It reaches out its hands insatiably for money and material goods towards every troubled person. The "Requesting Buddha" Series is the faithful representation of such a phenomenon, overflowing with desires, hypocrisy and exaggeration. What has been haunting in my mind is the position and destiny Chinese intellectuals experience in our history. In such an era that lacks ideals, people have cast doubt on the heroes and ideals of the past. I wanted to catch some scenes that describe such loss of hopes replaced with hoarding desire for money and power. To compare the past and present, I appropriated the old and known masterpiece "Night Revel of Han Xizai" which was the best piece of Chinese traditional figure painting. This old art piece reflected the then social life in the torrents of transformation, and depicted the life of a worried intellectual and high official in Post-Tang Dynasty, Han Xizai. He was powerless to fulfill his ideals of reconstructing the country. To "cleanse" himself, he chose to evade and "indulge in" comfort. After several centuries, even though the Chinese dynasties have changed frequently, the status of intellectuals in society has remained the same. With some thoughts on this question, I created "Night Revel of Lao Li". It is a portrait of contemporary Chinese reality in this new century, portraying the situation of contemporary Chinese people, and of intellectuals in particular. ... read more @ amazon »

Wang Qingsong Hardcover – November 1, 2006 by Zoe Butt (Author), Wang Qingsong (Photographer)
Out Of the Red: The New Emerging Generation of Chinese Photographers Hardcover – July 2, 2004
Narrator of China's Contemporary Life (English and Chinese Edition) 1st Edition by Wang QingSong

Matthieu Caron
Pictures of Denmark

Selected pictures of few seasons spent in Copenhagen. Bevar Christiania and Go to Roskilde festival. Winter, Autumn and Summer in Sjælland. read more »

Obscura Machina
Photographic art

Obscura Machina seeks out the relics of the past imagined scenes, and unconscious states A collaboration of two artists, our world is inspired by the time of the great machines of the industrial revolution, the experimental spirit of the early 20th century, of Victorian clutter and curios, explorations of the mind, and objects of mystery and marvel. Utilising both traditional and digital techniques, our images reflect our passion for the eclectic, desire for the unknown, and the lost poetry of the forgotten and abandoned.

Victor Strelkovsky
Back in ex-USSR

Beginning with first child's photos till the present -- 36 years. In the last sixteen years photography is a matter of life. He works as a photocorrespondent in Belorussian association of friendship and culture affairs with foreign countries, "Literature and Art" weekly and the national newspapers "The Soviet Byelorussia" and "The Republic" (since 1994 till the present time). Besides -- longtime cooperation with the famous theatres of the country (including Yanka Kypala National academic theatre) and a lot of accreditations, that means having a right to take photos of the most important political, cultural and sport events, participation in exhibitions. But the most important -- a great number of journalistic trips and journeys around his country -- Belarus. The country of deep forests and blue lakes, the country of the Chernobyl tragedy, the country of childhood, love, sufferings… As the result -- thousands of pictures. And you can find on this site only some of them. read more »

Jamerson Brooks
Premier fashion photography

The photographers at Premier Photography have over 25 years experience in the fashion, fitness and modeling business. Jamerson Brooks started his career as a model and actor. With swimwear layouts and acting roles in The Heat Of The Night. Jamerson was also a modeling agent for 6 years. As an agent he took photos of his new models to show New York and Miami agents ...

Kevin Lamb
The View From Up Here

My name is Kevin and I'm a 30-something guy from the Toronto, Canada area. I live just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm a nature nut and enjoy getting outside with my camera every chance I get. I love to travel. I've been across Canada, many parts of the US, the Bahamas, Germany, and Egypt. The trips next in line for me will be Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and Nepal. My camera bag contains a Canon EOS digital Rebel, along with a few lenses (Tamron 90mm macro, Canon 24-85mm USM, Canon EF-S 18-55mm, and a Sigma 70-300mm DL macro super). Photography has strictly been just a hobby to get me outside into the fresh air (although I have had a photograph featured in "Wolves" magazine in the spring 2002 issue. I also have had one of my photos featured on a musicians CD package). I have no training or the patience to take a class in the art of photography. I like to just learn by trial and error (heavy on the error). read more »

Simon Vacher
Environmental photography

Nature Photography

Pierre-Jean Grouille
Parisian photographer

Pierre-jean Grouille - independent Parisian Photographer - delivers to you his personal and contemporary vision of the world which surrounds us. read more »

Audart Gallery
Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory

In "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory" the artistic achievements of six of Warhol's associates are featured. Gerard Malanga, Billy Name,.Ultra Violet,.Allen Midgette and Christopher Makos are included in the exhibition, as well as Warhol's nephew, James Warhola, who carries on the artistic tradition within the Warhola family. Laura Rubin joins the artists of the Warhol Circle with select photographs from the factory years. This multimedia exhibition examines the artistic and cultural achievements of six living artists, who first gained prominence through their association with Andy Warhol, and who continue to practice their arts to the present day. The group comprises several generations of Warhol's associates. It begins with those who played an integral role in founding the famous silver Factory in the early 1960's (Gerard Malanga and Billy Name) and those who were attracted to Andy and his studio in the early years (Ultra Violet and Allen Midgette); extends to one who entered Warhol's circle after his move to Union Square in 1968, and then to the final location on 33rd Street (Christopher Makos); and concludes with Andy's own nephew (James Warhola), who carries on the artistic tradition within the Warhola family. Each artist is represented by a mini-retrospective of ten works, surveying the varied media and phases of his or her career. These include themes of human sexuality (homosexual, heterosexual, transvested); spirituality (Christian subjects and Zen philosophy) and death and disaster (guns and car accidents); a fascination with famous people and Native Americans, with physical beauty and international travel, and with conceptual art and its progenitors (especially Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and John Cage); the union of word and picture (in concrete poetry, and in poetic/photographic memoirs); and the appropriation and replication of images (through photography, photo silk screening, and photocopying). Laura Rubin joins the artists of the Warhol Circle with select photographs from the factory years. read more »

Stéphane Genez
French still life photographer

Photographe, de studio à Paris : pack-shot, catalogues, objets (luxe, bijouterie, horlogerie), cosmétique, culinaire, reportages et portraits.Photographe Studio, Paris, bijoux, bijouterie, objets, pack shots, reportage, culinaire, image, illustrations

István Horkay
Museum Factory

Horkay's Museum Factory series combines original drawn and painted images, appropriated masterpieces, photographs, artists' signatures and commercial logos. These elements are digitally assembled, i.e., collaged, to create a single, layered moment reflecting different places and times. This work is post pop, i.e., post modern pop art. Whereas Warhol took moments from popular culture and turned them into history, Horkay takes history and turns it into a moment, as though the past millennium was a monolithic unit of time.
István Horkay was born on 1945 Budapest Hungary. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1964, Horkay was invited to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland, the Major Art and Cultural Center of Eastern Europe, where he received his Master of Fine Arts.He continued his Studies at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. (1968) and did additional Post graduate work atthe Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. (1971) Horkay studied under the Internationally known Artist and Theater Director Tadeusz Kantor as well as Professors M. Wejmann and J.Nowosielski. and Palle Nielsen (Denmark) He received Diplomas in Graphic Arts, Painting, and Film Animation. read more »

May 02, 2004 From: HAYNERART
Horkay, he is the KING

Georg Hübner
A new wide-open territory

Since the end of 2002, I´ve dealt intensively in creatively combining digital photography with different rendering and image-processing programs. With the motto „everything is possible! – possibly is everything nothing?“ I feel my way ahead, image for image. My own photos, foreign material – exchanged through the web, altered or left unchanged, partially or completely taken over... To give fantasy free rein, to unabashedly refuse to reject unusual material to the cyber-bin, the possibility to continuously change and yet adhere to the original idea – all this has led me into a new wide-open territory. Wide-open territory with unforseen creative possibilities. Wide-open territory restricted only by one´s own fantasy. Wide-open territory where for me now, no limits are in sight ...
Georg Hübner, born 1962 in Vienna. In 1993, after many years in music, I turned to photography. Impressed by the expressiveness of high-quality fine art prints, I devoted my initial years to the fundamentals of photography and my interest for positive and negative techniques, as explained in the literature from Ansel Adams. Several years later, after excursions into various segments such as infrared, landscape and spontaneous snapshot photography, I developed my own style, influenced by Czech photographers Michal Macku and Jan Saudek. In November 2002 I began combining "classical" analogue and digital photography. Many of the expressive possibilities, before only obtained through incredible efforts in the dark room, were now at hand, and yet more precise and time-saving than previously. Pictures occupy my thoughts long before they are transposed. Experiences, feelings, dreams.... these are the material from which the real forms arise. With the aid of files of my own and others, as well as 2D and 3D - program, the final picture is created. The challenge for my finished images is to project and represent those fleeting moments of joy and fear, of high and low spirits, of fun and madness ...

Marco Tenaglia
Fine art fashion photography

Marco Tenaglia is an Italian professional fashion photographer specialized in fine art fashion photography. After completing his education in the field of photography and graduating from "High Institute of Photography" in Rome, Marco began his career as a Professional Fashion, Beauty, and Modeling photographer, in the Fashion and Modeling industries. Due to his close ties to the fashion and modeling industries, and as the results of his connections and participation as a Professional Photographer in many Fashion and Modeling events, both in U.E. as well as U.S.A., Marco had the opportunity to study and evaluate the differences between these two (European and American) styles and cultures. Using his creative and artistic talents combined with his technical expertise, Marco combined the European elegance with American style and ingenuity, to developed and created a new and unique way of photography to enhance and capture the essence and beauty of both the designs and the models. read more »

Wayne J. Cosshall
So Who is Wayne J. Cosshall?

I am the Editor of Digital Photography & Design magazine, an Australian magazine covering digital photography, digital video, web design and digital art. I am also Technical Editor of Capture - Commercial Photography magazine, a bi-monthly serving the needs of professional photographers. I am the Founder and Director of Digital ImageMakers International, and Publisher and Editor of their magazine. DIMI is an international organisation serving the needs of both professional and amateur digital image makers, irrespective of what medium they work in. Thus, this one organisation aims to exploit the convergence between digital photography, graphic design, web design, 3D graphics and animation and digital video. I am also a freelance writer for several other publications, including The Age newspaper and Desktop, a graphic design magazine. Lastly, I am the Director for 2003 of the International Digital Art Awards. I made the switch to full-time writing some six years ago, following the death of my second wife after a long battle with cancer. As one does in such situations, I examined everything I was currently doing and decided to make more room for writing and my art. Prior to this I was a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Swinburne University and Head of the Computer Graphics Research Group. I was an academic for 17 years there, specializing in parallel computer graphics rendering, computer architectures for graphics and mathematical and algorithmic art. I created my first computer graphics image in 1979, built my first computer in 1980 and constructed my first digital camera in 1986. Parallel to all this I was actively working on my photographic and art skills. I cut my teeth on photography as a child doing astrophotography, hooking my cameras up to the telescopes I had and built. This grew into a general interest in photography and art. I also started painting around the same time. It was during my time with my late wife that the passion for art photography and digital art really developed and I owe her a huge debt for guiding my development. I am now happily re-married and have a delightful daughter. I have exhibited my photography and digital art (predominantly mathematical and fractal imagery, up until quite recently) in group and solo shows within Australia, including invitational survey shows. My digital artwork is currently going through a period of major change and development. I also run a small graphic design and professional photography studio, with my wife and we also sell fine art materials to the local professional artists. My wife is a pastel, acrylic and oil painter (as was my late wife), and I paint in watercolours, mainly on Yupo plastic papers, as a relief from the computer work. My digital art work draws inspiration from my many interests. For my whole life I have had deep interests in, and made active studies of, philosophy, the esoteric, ancient history, esp. Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Celtic, comparative religions, mathematics, astronomy, quantum physics, paleontology, the origins of man, psychology, art and modern history, esp. European and Asian. read more »

Tatsuya Sato
B/W photo

Tatsuya Sato's artistic background is learning from the people, books & films, local galleries, and nature on the road. Much of his work has been inspired by the Beat Generation " and his friends " their works and concepts. In the meantime, Tatsuya felt a growing need to spend time on his own work. he decreased his commercial commitments, and concentrated more and more on his personal work. His journey began at the age of 22 when he felt that " to see myself and the world " with a Nikon F (35mm film camera) and later on having a Leica M3 & MP4. One may take with an everyday occurrence and an unexpected occurrence. And through his lens the ordinary becomes extraordinary and poetic. He confers moods and emotions upon everyday subjects or scenes which he captures in a mystery of lights & shadows reflect a perspective of relationship between people, society and the natural world by internal images. Setting out in the open for a poetic itinerary where the song of his sensitivity happily coexists with both his images and his soul. read more »

Ronald T Simon
Fine black and white photography

Rehearsing With Gods [2004]
Ronald T Simon and Marc Estrin are pleased to announce the release of their upcoming book: Rehearsing With Gods - Photographs and Essays on the Bread & Puppet Theater. 146 Duotone Photographs by Ronald T Simon. Eight Essays by Marc Estrin. Foreward by Grace Paley. Rehearsing With Gods Photographs & Essays on The Bread & Puppet Theater combines a twenty year photographic documentation by Ronald T Simon with eight essays by American author Marc Estrin, in a unique bookwork to be published by Chelsea Green Publishing Company, available May 2004. Rehearsing With Gods offers a profile of theatre director Peter Schumann, established for decades as an important and influential artist, and presents a wealth of visual and written ruminations that may prove a respected publication in the history of modern theatre "I never thought a book could do justice to the magic, the beauty, the power of Bread and Puppet. But Rehearsing with Gods does just that, with the poetic, profound commentary by Marc Estrin, and the magnificent photographs by Ron Simon, all suffused with the loving spirit of Peter and Elka Schumann and their intrepid band of puppeteers." - Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States For an art book, Rehearsing With Gods has a solid market base to build on, beginning with Bread and Puppet`s own forty year production history and established following. Several areas of study including theatre/art history, fine art/documentary photography and activism/ philosophy are richly entwined together by eight archetypal themes that provide a framework for discussing Peter Schumann’s work. The hard bound cloth version with a first printing of 6000 is reasonably priced at $35 US. Further online discounts will make this book accessible to a larger buying public. Rehearsing With Gods may go beyond The Bread & Puppet Theater’s traditional audience and appeal to a wider readership, both as a reference and as a work of art in itself. A heartfelt tribute that rediscovers a world of artistic creation and identifies Peter Schumann’s grand theatrical vision as one of genius amongst the great directors of modern theatre. read more @ amazon »

Rehearsing with Gods: Photographs and Essays on the Bread & Puppet Theater Hardcover – May 1, 2004 by Ronald T. Simon (Author), Marc Estrin (Author), Grace Paley (Foreword)
Landscape and Desire: Bread and Puppet Pageants in the 1990s Hardcover – 1997 by John; Simon, Ronald Bell (Author)

Federico Gentili
Gallery 121

I live and work in Italy and I am not a professional photographer. I love Visual Arts, in particular photography, which is perhaps the most efficient and immediate instrument for telling stories. The site is divided into four parts of photography. Black and white photographs with no title, which deal with the themes of Nature, Architecture and Lifestyle. There is also a gallery “GoTo” where I tell about some places and how, in my opinion, I saw them and maybe how I would have liked to see them. read more »

Corvisier - Barberis
Ordinary days

Corvisier - Barberis : A beautiful black and white day

Stu Jenks
Circles & spirals

Universal symbols from all cultures, representing everything from festive pinwheels to the internal journey of the soul. The Spiral: A movement down into despair, a motion up into joy, a sojourn inward and back out again. The Circle: A path of completion, a new beginning, a continuing sense of union. "For the past number of years I have been exploring in my photography these two symbols, creating them in sand, in flame in water, in time. Each time I learn a little more about the space I am in, both emotionally internal to my experiences, and physically external to my environment. This series is as much about the exploration of my spiritual reality, as it is about an appreciation of form, shape, and design."

J. R. Taylor
The story

I've been conjuring images in some form or fashion for the vast majority of my life. After a 24 year break working as air traffic controller in the Air Force I've once again managed to return to my creative roots on a full time basis. I did perform a considerable amount of freelance commercial work in Japan as well as the odd portrait commission before leaving the service. I've worked in every sort of medium and finally devoted myself to digital imaging a little over 2 years ago. Web design for me is akin to painful and protracted dental work.

Nathan Combs
Photoshop 7.0

In today's challenging business environment, Adobe Photoshop 7.0 helps you stay competitive with innovative tools that deliver new ways to express your creativity and work efficiently. With Photoshop 7.0, you can more easily produce exceptional imagery for print, the Web, wireless devices, and other media. Photoshop 7.0 rounds out its comprehensive toolset with new capabilities to meet any creative or production demand and to handle the widest variety of image-editing tasks in the most efficient way. With enhanced Web features, you can instantly make Web page elements transparent simply by knocking out one or more colors; create dithered transparencies; manage Web page rollovers and animations; and create more sophisticated Web rollovers. Powerful new tools help you explore your creativity without limits so you can more easily meet the multimedia demands of today's market. Simulate traditional painting techniques (including pastels and charcoal) with dry and wet brush effects and use brushes to add special effects. Adjust dozens of precise brush settings including size, shape, and tilt to create custom brushes that you can share with other Photoshop users. With the new Pattern Maker plug-in, you can select any area of an image and automatically generate a nearly endless assortment of background patterns. And the enhanced Liquify plug-in lets you distort images more easily and gain greater control over warping. Photoshop 7.0 offers unparalleled precision and control so you can be confident you're achieving consistently superior output. New security features let you restrict access to your images with password protection.

Sergio Dolce
Mexico tour

Fotografare è la mia passione. Mi considero soddisfatto solo quando riesco a far "parlare" la fotografia. Dedico gran parte del mio tempo a realizzare scatti, sempre con l'intento di cogliere l'attimo negli eventi, negli animali, nelle cose e nelle manifestazioni più varie della natura. Amo la spontaneità e mi affido all'intuizione. I risultati migliori infatti li ottengo quando fotografo all'insaputa del soggetto, e la foto è pura espressività. Infine, penso alla fotografia come ad un'arte che matura e si evolve attraverso la passione, l'impegno e a una continua ricerca. read more »

Simon Gade

"Fatonoze" par Simon Gade Notre avis : Depuis quelques années, Simon Gade explore les possibilités offertes par la vidéo et le numérique sur la fabrication d’une image. Toutes les passions de sa vie sont réunies dans ce livre de photographies vivifiantes, où la couleur et les retouches graphiques donnent une unité stylistique à ce patchwork rutilant : voitures de collection, motos racées, portraits expressifs d’amateurs de l’extrême (BMX, skate) et impressions de voyages au Tibet, Etats-Unis ou Angleterre… Rien ne doit vous empêcher de monter sur le siège arrière ! read more »

Association Visions Nomades

Different galleries of black and white photographs made by Artez : Ballet, statues, mannequins, Venice carnaval, journeys, portraits and research works.

Dave Beckerman
New York Photography

Black and white photography is still the best language that I have found for capturing the beauty, the sorrow and the humor of the City. read more »

Arnaud Poilleux

The portfolio of a young French photographer

Luc Selen

Photography Fotografie

Paul Politis

I am a self-taught photographer from Montreal, Quebec, and currently living in Ottawa. I have been making photographs since 1988, first in the traditional chemical darkroom, and since 2005, digitally. I have been showcasing my black and white photography on the web since 1998 (link is to the wayback machine, and my website in 1998!), and through, since 2001. My work has appeared or been reviewed in several magazines internationally, including Shutterbug Magazine, Black & White Photography (UK), The American Muse, Black + White Photography Magazine, and PhotoEd Magazine. My prints are also held in private collections, and in the collection of the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa. read more »

Franco Donaggio
Between classic and digital

Franco Donaggio was born in Chioggia in the province of Venice and has been working as a photographer in Milan since 1979. His high skill and continuous experimentation in all the darkroom and shooting techniques lead him to study in depth new aesthetic languages which constantly renew and improve his professional and creative level. In 1992 he is awarded the “Pubblicità Italia” Price for still life photography. In 1995 Donaggio realises his first major fine art project called “Metaritratti”, thanks to which he wins the Italian “Kodak Gold Award” for creative portray photography in 1996. At the same time, he is invited to carry out several creative prestigious projects like calendars, brochures and ad campaigns for national and international firms including Givenchy, Lancaster, Cartiere del Garda, Lamborghini and many others. Donaggio dedicates himself more and more to fine art photography and starts a close collaboration with Joel Soroka Gallery in Aspen, from which he is represented for the North American sales collection market. Since then, he has attended the principal photo-art trade fairs through the United States, such as 'Photo LA', Los Angeles, 'AIPAD show', New York, 'Art Fair, Chicago'. Donaggio’s fine art works have been hosted in numerous Italian galleries and museums and some of his photographs are included in several public and private photo collections: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Collezione 3M, Collezione Scavi Scaligeri, Saudi Royal Family’s Private Collection, to name just a few. Lots of magazines in Italy, Europe and United States have published the artist’s creative profile. Donaggio is represented by the ‘Joel Soroka Gallery’ in Aspen, by the ‘Benham Gallery’ in Seattle and by the Galerie Celal in Paris for the fine art sale in the United States. read more »

Gérard Chesneau
Fashion and beauty

Date of Birth: 18/12/1948 in Orleans (France). I am still living in Orleans. Studies: Ecole EFET when i was 20 years old (in Paris). It is a private school which forms students to audiovisual arts in order to be professional. It was created in 1970 in Paris Beaux-arts (Orleans) for 2 years. (school of arts) I am working with a Pentax 6X7, Nikon 24X36 and a digital camera Olympus E-10 (for the late pictures). I am not a professional photographer. I practice picture for leisure's my hobby I am working today for a local newspaper in Orleans where i am creating publicity and the numerique gave me the opportunity to make also new style of photography. I have been making pictures for 30 years and i love studio photography portraits, female nudes, glamour ...
read more »

Agnes Donnadieu
Digital illustration

The work of photographer Agnes Donnadieu has been called brooding and sexy, edgy and glamorous, erotic and slick. It's also been called "European." What nobody has ever called it is "Midwestern," though Donnadieu has lived and worked in Chicago for the last 9 years. Donnadieu's photos tend to be dark and shadowy. Her images of people appear unposed, yet the composition is graphic, candid, without being contrived. The dramatic look of her photos is due in part to her direct lighting technique. read more »

Patrick Demarchelier

The portraits, fashion and fine art images of photographer Patrick Demarchelier. read more »
Patrick Demarchelier: Photographs
Patrick Demarchalier
Patrick Demarchelier: Forms
Patrick Demarchelier (Stern Portfolio Library of Photography)

Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Photo montage

These "compositions", as Fabrizio Fiorenzano prefers to define the result of his work, find an illustrious predecessor in the history of figurative arts in the photo montage, that shows an image obtained at shoot-time or print-time by patching together various images in different ways; a practice that has been around since the early days of photography and is still in use today where it is used to expressive purposes. The most famous artist in this field that we have record of was John Heartfield (1891-1968), author of a large number of satyric works targeting the German Nazi government, made in collaboration with George Grosz who also helped found and support the Berlin Dada group of artists, around the end of the '10s during the last century. One of the most well-known works by John Heartfield, entitled "Once during the Middle Ages, so now under the III Reich" shows a man crucified on a swastika. Today's skillful usage of the computer as employed by Fabrizio Fiorenzano, who uses it to put together the pictures he chooses for his compositions and given to him from Giovanni Ratta or from other parts, makes the old photo montage technique appear like a tender old relative who, after having started a path with an idea and then walked it for a good distance, generously enables us to continue walking it by different means. Indeed, the results achievable through electronics are amazing for number of colours, infinitely adjustable shades, transparent veils, number of usable backgrounds, available filters, range of effects and much more - all tools that are not available in the darkroom and that can be precisely applied at each instance, without the unpredictability of chemicals. Fascinating world of possibilites in which creativity, talent, emotion and synthetical skills get along perfectly with intelligence, reflection, technique and play. The result of Fabrizio's work appears consolidated by now, and if we abandon ourselves to the reading of his works packed with atmosphere and deep tension in regards to the inequality of the world, the woman's condition in third world countries and the obtuseness of wars, as well as beauty, nature, abstractions, dream and contradictions, then we can enjoy the enchanted birth of an "image of images" which allows us to raise our awareness and communicate without words. Luciano D’Alessandro (Photographer) read more »

Domenico Pasqua

"The sparkle of small stones, the long shadows cast by the mighty red earth hills, the deep furrows created by the rivers in full flood after the spring rains and the long rows of palms in the dried-up beds of these same rivers are precious images that I'll take back to Europe with me."... "At times something fragile can last for eternity, withstanding the passing of time, overcome timidity and adversity."... "The desert enriches you, its emptiness fills your mind and spirit, the blinding light clarifies everything, even your thoughts."... "The vast expanse of the desert heightens your sensitivity, stimulates your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I'm thinking about all the Kasbahs I've seen today; about these miniature cities made of earth that are destined to return to the earth because it only takes a little rain to wash them away. Yet the Kasbahs have been there for centuries, they are kept standing by the devotion and tenacity of the people who built them and who keep them alive. " ... "I can still see all those children who ran after me smiling, unaware of anything else that exists in the world today except those houses built of earth. They told me about their families, the movie sets where they were able to get work as extras, the age-old customs of the Berber society, the geometric symbols that decorate the high walls of the kasbahs; they showed me their schools and corrected my French pronunciation; they told me about their plans for the future."... December 1999 read more »