International Festival of NanoArt
Cris Orfescu

The 6th edition of the International Festival of NanoArt will be hosted by the Virtual Museum of NanoArt. Details to follow. Meantime, please visit my 3D Virtual Gallery of NanoArt at:

"NanoArt is a new art discipline at the art-science-technology intersections. It features nanolandscapes (molecular and atomic landscapes which are natural structures of matter at molecular and atomic scales) and nanosculptures (structures created by scientists and artists by manipulating matter at molecular and atomic scales using chemical and physical processes). These structures are visualized with powerful research tools like scanning electron microscopes and atomic force microscopes and their scientific images are captured and further processed by using different artistic techniques to convert them into artworks showcased for large audiences." (Cris Orfescu)
"NANOdesign is a new discipline emerged from art and design interaction with science and technology. Everyday things and fashion are designed by reproducing structures and patterns from nano world (molecular and atomic landscapes)." (Cris Orfescu)
Surrealist Photography: channel the unconscious as a means to unlock the power of your imagination. Focus on dreams, psychoanalysis, and fantastic imagery. Impressionist Photography: captured images are digitally manipulated to create images without detail but with bold colors. Travel Photography: Animals, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Nature, People, Plants and Flowers, Places, Sports.

Cris Orfescu was born in Bucharest, Romania, and lives and works in Los Angeles since 1991. He is a self-taught artist and also a degreed scientist who is experimenting for over 45 years with different media and art forms including digital art, murals, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media, faux painting, trompe l’oeil, collage, graphics, animation, web design, video, multimedia. For more than 30 years he is experimenting and perfecting a new art form, NanoArt, which reflects the transition from Science to Art through Technology. Orfescu was showing internationally his awarded works in USA, Italy, France, Finland, Korea, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Greece in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His art was commissioned for public and private collectors. read more »
submission date: 4/7/2020

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"Espaço" in São Paulo: an urban regeneration project

On the occasion of the launch of the Enel project to digitalise the Vila Olimpia neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil, Piuarch illustrates, in a public initiative, the concept that gives life to inclusive, participatory spaces.
São Paulo (Brazil), October 2019 - New places for meeting and participation that promote the construction of urban social networks: Piuarch's Espaço project is presented in São Paulo in conjunction with Enel's launch of the programme for the digital transformation of the city's financial and high-tech heart. The occasion is provided by the initiatives being activated by Enel Distribuição São Paulo to initiate the digitisation of the Brazilian network, starting with the Vila Olimpia neighbourhood of São Paulo, where Enel will create a digital, smart and sustainable infrastructure, to make energy distribution more efficient. A project in which innovation, sustainability and circularity are key values in the growth of megalopolises: a growth not only digital, but also social, able to redesign the urban scenario in the name of an inclusive and circular development of the area.
As the technological network is built up on avant-garde infrastructure, the social network develops, also, through public space. Piuarch's Espaço project was presented in the context of the Enel event as best practice for circular urban spaces: an installation that rethinks and redefines the city, and which represents the meeting point between social and environmental sustainability. Espaço grows out of a modular element in recycled plastic that, like a puzzle, can be combined in infinite configurations, customised to specific needs and place. The basic three-dimensional volume can be extruded at different heights to create walk-on surfaces, seats, tables, signage totems, urban vegetable gardens... The results are coloured spaces of aggregation that invite the community to live residual, urban spaces in participatory fashion.
Espaço was born with a strong urban and cultural identity, based on the study and interpretation of local historical, social and artistic factors. The form of the volumes recalls Mirthes dos Santos Pinto’s graphic design for the pavements of the city: geometric, repeatable and characteristic, it is a true São Paulo icon. The concrete art of Helio Oiticica and Alfredo Volpi’s study contributed to the inspiration and definition of the geometries and colours. Versatile and modular, Espaço was designed by Piuarch (together with Duda Mitidiero and with the contribution of Cornelius Gavril for the Landscape Design part) with the aim of stimulating grassroots urban regeneration and community growth.
A project whose social and educational value can be replicated in different parts of the city, creating a widespread system tailored to local needs. This is the social equivalent of the smart grids that Enel is planning to install in Brazil: smart electricity grids that allow energy to be rationalised and distributed efficiently, reducing waste of resources and cutting CO2 emissions. Following this presentation, the future might see the concept being applied on a large scale, contextual to the digitalisation of the megalopolis, with a view to creating a network of technological, green and play points aimed at developing the local community’s quality of life. read more »
submission date: 10/17/2019

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Scientists are challenging the status quo in the diamond industry

Over the years, there have been many attempts in pursuit of creating a perfect man-made diamond. It wasn’t until the mid-1950s, when scientists created colored and colorless gems, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Because of British writer, H.G. Wells, scientists have been able to read about the technique of high pressure and temperature (HPHT) to continue research. Like art, scientists have been able to“master the illusion” of what we see as a traditional diamond by making a series of synthetic ones. The process of creating synthetic gems, led to understanding the inner happenings of the diamond industry. In the late 1900s the diamond industry was under pressure when synthetic gems tried to enter the market. During the same time, more awareness was raised about blood diamonds on the market. Before 2003, 25% of the world’s diamonds were conflict. They were traded illegally, which in turn impacts profits, working environments and human rights. Around the world, innocent people were often exploited to collect conflict diamonds. With the HPHT method, scientists strived to recreate high quality, bright, timeless and valuable pieces of jewelry.

Creating The Right Diamond
Synthetic gems have become an alternative option to buyers. In fact, synthetic-diamond engagement rings are the most popular piece of jewelry in that field. As the lab-grown industry increases by 15% per year, the market has an ability to change in the years ahead. Creating a diamond is like perfecting a piece of artwork. Artists like Alexander Chubar emphasized we’ve come a long way with creativity and architecture. He observes that, “Art is the physical manifestation of the perceptions of the world as interpreted and organized by various groups of people.” The creation of the new diamond is like a combination of artistic lens and science, although they are distinctly different. Each stone has the same physical and chemical properties, but can still vary in size, shape and color.

The Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Diamonds
Diamonds grown in labs are identical to their mined counterparts except for one minor flaw; synthetic gems do not have impurities. Under “controlled conditions,” scientists are able to remove cracks, unnatural coloring and cloudiness, but buyers will often not be able to spot the difference from a regular diamond or an artificial one, except for its price. Synthetic diamonds are available at a more affordable rate than mined diamonds. They have been crafted to be environmentally friendly, ethical and without flaw. The creation of synthetic gems has significantly changed the diamond industry. Diamond labs are at the forefront of innovation with new geometric styles and colors; and though it will take time for the industry to accept synthetic gems, it leaves scientists time to design timeless pieces of artistic jewelry.
read more at »

About the author
Karoline is a human rights activist and writer. She left her corporate job to pursue this more meaningful career.
submission date: 8/20/2019

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“La Foresta dei Violini”

“La Foresta dei Violini”: Piuarch's tribute to the lost forest From the 8th to the 19th April 2019 at University of Milan, an evocative installation showcases the relation between nature and music, the spruces and the arts which from that wood give life to emotional instruments
University of Milan, Interni Human Spaces - During Milan Design Week 2019, Piuarch presents “La Foresta dei Violini”: an installation sponsored by CityLife, which aims at representing the value of the spruces wood of Fiemme Valley (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy). On the 29th October 2018 a storm and a 200-km/h-wind ravaged a centuries-old natural balance, hitting more than 12 million trees on the Alps. Among these there is Paneveggio Forest, also known as Stradivari's Forest. A place renowned for the spruces growing there: their wood has extraordinary features, and it has been forever used to make the best acoustic violin sound cases, which master luthier Stradivari chose for his masterpieces. Based on a concept by Nemo Monti, Piuarch designed an evocative installation which will stand out in the Main Courtyard of the University of Milan within the INTERNI HUMAN SPACES event. The project is sponsored by CityLife, with the support of the Province of Trento and the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme (Magnificent Community of Fiemme) as technical sponsors providing the wood used to build the installation.

CONCEPT “La foresta dei violini” is an evocative sign of the lost forest, and its absence. A tribute to the territory, to the forests, to the nature; to the communities that create their crafts thank to that natural environment, as well as to the wood supply chain born on those territories; to the arts that create those wooden instruments and to the artists that those instruments play to give back emotional music. Made of rough wood, using broken trees eradicated by the wind, “La Foresta dei Violini” represents a place of memories, witness of the violated nature, where architecture is both support and relief.

THE INSTALLATION Two large spruce trunks emerge from the loggia of Main Courtyard of the University of Milan: the roots suspended in the void overlook a balustrade on the courtyard, supported by an architectural easel made of worked red spruce wood. Disrupted trees, segments of memory, evidence of the infringed nature. Roots in the wind. Architecture remains in between. The easel is an elementary support, the essential structure, which follows the work in all its stages. The artifact is a bridge between things and ideas: a geometric shape that lies in the wood carving, in the intersection of straight forms, it is the sum of singularities. It bears the weight, connects different borders, has many names and functions in the human jargon. For these reasons it is the simplest, most common and universal symbol of the ancestral relationship between technique and nature, between raw material and transformation. Made of worked red spruce, it is the archetype of the craftsman work who repairs. The dimensions are amplified, the roles turned upside down, the priorities acknowledged. Nature comes first. “We want to celebrate the primordial architecture of the forest, respecting its structures and forms of intersection with the planet and its inhabitants. This project evokes the ability of nature to communicate with human beings, inviting them to tactfully observe its rules, taking care of it and following the natural order of the earth.” piuarch.

PANEVEGGIO FOREST, THE ACOUSTIC FOREST Paneveggio Forest is renowned because is where the spruce trees used to make the most elegant and precious instrument, the violin, grow. Spruce trees are almost the 90% of the trees in the forest, associated with silver firs at lower altitudes, larch and Swiss pine to the upper ones, while the undergrowth is made up of a carpet of black and red blueberry. And it is among these thousands of shades of green that master luthier Stradivari got lost looking for the most suitable trees for the making of his violins: the centuries-old red fir trees whose wood, thanks to its particular resonance capacity, provides the ideal raw material for the construction of sounding boards. This wood is characterised by a great elasticity that guarantees to better transmit the sound, and its lymphatic channels are like tiny organ pipes that create resonance. For this reason the trees are felled in the waning moon, between October and November, when in the trunk there is less quantity of sap. The best ones can be recognised for the very thin and perfectly concentric growth rings with straight and fine fibers and few knots. It was in this forest that the greatest violin makers of Cremona reached the perfection of sound and many of the specimens made with the spruce of this forest are still kept today in the Violin Museum of the city.

Università degli Studi di Milano - Ca’ Granda ex Ospedale Maggiore Via Festa del Perdono 7, Milan, Italy read more »
submission date: 4/12/2019

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Architectures for children: the design of education

Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

The Italian Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has designed four kindergartens in China, where the immersive and experiential architectural space becomes a stimulus for imagination and learning.
An ever closer relationship links architecture and pedagogy: school spaces play today a decisive role in the education of children, fostering their wellbeing and accompanying their learning process. This is the principle behind the project by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, architecture studio based in Milan and Shanghai, for Gymboree Play & Music. The American brand – with 700 centres in more than 40 countries around world - offers courses for infants and children up to the age of 6, with the aim of developing their cognitive and relational skills in early childhood, through play activities based on listening to music, art classes, group activities and problem solving games. To translate Gymboree’s educational philosophy into architectural language, the architects have come up with the concept of the four schools - two in Shenzhen and two in Suzhou - designing places capable of arousing children's curiosity and also encouraging them to learn. The spaces are designed to interpret the theme of "travel" through shapes, colours and materials, with different areas recreating different environments: the ocean, the forest, the desert, the Arctic, the canyon and space. A magical, dreamlike context stimulates the children to use their imagination to live unique experiences and visit unknown worlds. Without leaving their classrooms they are able to rest in the shade of a tree in the middle of the forest; immerse themselves underwater with inhabitants of the ocean, run up and down dunes until they reach an oasis in the desert. The protagonists of this adventure are not only the children, but also their parents, who are able to relive the fun of childhood and develop their creative potential along with their children.
The inspiration for the design of the spaces, which stand out for their simple geometries, bold colours and different materials, derives precisely from this identification with the children. "We tried to interpret the environments through the eyes of children, creating a context that provided them with sensations rather than images, so as to leave them free to fly on the wings of their imagination. The imagination of children is pure and original, they see the world with the independence and creativity of their own thoughts. Imagination is more important than knowledge, since knowledge is limited, while imagination is the driving force behind progress and the source of the evolution of knowledge", say architects Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino.
The concept finds its brightest expression in the school of Shenzhen Upper Hills, a space of over 2000 square metres, which accommodates the offices of Gymboree employees as well as the classrooms. Here the whole building - and not just the classrooms - is an immersive and highly experiential space. Colours, shapes and geometries become tools for giving life to an imaginative world, which characterises the corridors, transit areas, the reception, the bar, the common areas and the classrooms. The central garden with playground allows children to interact and play in the open air. The offices are located on the upper floor and accommodate the entire Gymboree team in Shenzhen with meeting rooms and training areas, bar and kitchen. The lavish programme of collateral activities - such as gymnastics and cooking classes - is also open to parents, who can enjoy themselves while their children are having fun in class. The Gymboree logo and its iconic orange colour characterise the facades, making the space immediately recognisable from the outside. read more »
submission date: 3/25/2019

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ESCALA Scale-Ruler Fountain Pen

ESCALA is a fountain pen designed by Los Angeles-based studio ēnsso, winners of the Red Dot and Good Design awards. The designers conceived this pen as a tool for architects and engineers. The pen’s triangular cap serves as a scale ruler graded with 6 imperial and 6 metric scales. The fountain pen slides in or out the cap so they can be used simultaneously. The pen is expertly machined from a solid block of aluminum anodized in matte black and comes equipped with a Peter Bock, German-made nib that provides the smoothest writing experience. It comes with a Schmidt K5 ink converter to use with bottled ink but also accepts short and long standard international ink cartridges.The metric scales included are 1:20, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:400, and 1:500 while the imperial scales engraved are 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1. read more »
submission date: 2/4/2019

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The Expo at World Market Center Brings Exhibit Space to Downtown Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV – (January 28, 2019) - International Market Centers (IMC), owners and operators of World Market Center Las Vegas, broke ground today on construction of The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, a new 315,000-square-foot exhibition facility, scheduled to open in summer 2020 on the World Market Center Las Vegas campus.
The new Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas will feature 194,785 gross square feet of exhibit space, which is divisible into two halls – North with 97,684 gross square feet and South with 97,101 gross square feet – which can accommodate up to 1,000 booths. The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas will feature an expansive lobby area, registration area, onsite shuttle bus depot, attached parking garage and two permanent “grab and go” food service areas.
“IMC is making a $90 Million investment in the creation of The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility,” said Robert Maricich, CEO of IMC. “We’re delighted to cooperate with the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada to bring this new exhibition venue to Las Vegas. Our use of local labor, at ‘prevailing wage rates’ will make this project a win-win for the exhibition industry and the city of Las Vegas.”
Construction is scheduled to begin fully in April and the grand opening is expected for IMC’s Summer 2020 Las Vegas Market, a semi-annual marketplace for the gift and home furnishings industries. “According to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA) in 2017, the exposition industry generated $58.8 billion in economic benefit to Southern Nevada,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman. “With the addition of this new facility, Las Vegas now offers the exhibition industry a total of 4,214,047 gross square feet of exhibit hall space at four facilities – the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo, Mandalay Bay and The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas.”
The Expo at Las Vegas Market will be the new permanent venue for presentation of temporary gift and home décor exhibits at IMC’s semi-annual Las Vegas Market, which showcases 4,000+ gift, home décor and furniture resources in five million square feet of permanent showrooms and temporary exhibition space. During the Las Vegas Market, IMC plans to use the lobby of the Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas for attendee and exhibitor registration, making the new facility the gateway to its entire marketplace. The Expo’s contiguous positioning with Building C also will improve attendee traffic flow between Las Vegas Market’s permanent showrooms and temporary exhibits, which IMC expects will drive new resources to campus and enrich the pipeline for permanent showroom presentations. read more »
submission date: 1/28/2019

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Delvaux presents “Le 27” in Brussels, much more than a boutique

Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

The Italian studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has transformed a historic nineteenth-century Mansion into a space halfway between a concept store and an art gallery, marked by eclecticism and contamination: a revolution in the language of luxury retail.

Delvaux, the oldest luxury leather goods house in the world, founded in Belgium in 1829, has inaugurated a new store in the heart of Brussels: "Le 27". Housed in a majestic Mansion on Boulevard de Waterloo, a high-end luxury shopping area, "Le 27" is much more than a boutique: it is a unique environment, combining the savoir-faire of the Delvaux collections with the beauty of the greatest pieces of Belgian design, paintings and ceramics, giving life to an art gallery in continuous evolution. The interior design project is by the Milan based Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, which since 2012 has been responsible for the creation of Delvaux stores worldwide.

"Le 27" is based on a completely new, made-to-measure concept: the architects assign a key role to Belgian historical memory, creating a boutique where Delvaux's philosophy and heritage find their ultimate expression. The rooms are a contemporary interpretation and celebration of the early period of modern design, that was so important in Belgian 20th century culture. An example are the wall displays, conceived as abstract paintings whose design is a homage to Mondrian's De Stijl artistic movement. The combination of the the richly baroque finish of the wardrobes, the apparently “poor” material and finishes of the wall displays and the out-centred coloured stripes, disrespectful of the classical spaces, creates a balanced cohabitation between classic and modern, order and disorder, rule and exception The furnishings are enriched by emblematic Belgian design pieces created by the greatest designers of the 20th century as Jules Wabbes, Pieter de Bruyne, Renaat Braem, Emiel Verannema: all works are signed and in limited editions, unique and rare, worthy of a museum collection. Inside the boutique are also hosted pieces of contemporary Belgian designers (Nathalie Dewez, Alain Berteau and Ben Storms) and international designers, such as the Italian Gino Sarfatti. Between the ground and the first floor what appears to be a collection old masters paintings turns out to be a series of photographs, archival pigment prints by the Argentine artist Romina Ressia, in which her post-neo-Flemish portraits are combined with daily and kitsch artifacts. "Le 27" also hosts a collection of 20th century Belgian ceramics: their striking form and deep pigments embodies the fantastic and endless creativity of Belgian artists. In "Le 27" the Maison’s bags and accessories meet the works of art and design, turning the boutique into a museum in constant evolution, a genuine place of encounter, dialogue and discovery. Open to visitors, ideal for wandering around with its historical, contemporary and eclectic furnishings destined to change as new pieces are acquired, "Le 27" is a deliberately original and decidedly unique environment. So unique that it will not be reproduced, ever, anywhere in the world. read more »
submission date: 7/5/2018

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Aldo Cibic presents “(in)complete”, an in-progress research on life and design


Realized in concurrence with the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, "(in)complete" is an interactive, participative installation to understand and design our future.
(in)complete is the new project realized by the Italian designer Aldo Cibic for the historic Caffè Florian, in concurrence with the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. The installation is housed, until September 8, in the evocative Chinese Room, turned for the occasion in a meeting point in between real and virtual. Invited by Florian’s art director Stefano Stipitivich, Aldo Cibic has designed a modern reinterpretation of a Venetian alcove: the art work integrates with perfect sensitivity and harmony with the place, an example of how a distinctly modern piece of art may coexist beautifully with a piece of Venetian history. read more »
submission date: 6/21/2018

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“Historical Promiscuities - Works by Adam Nathaniel Furman”

Milan Design Week 2018

The exhibition, hosted in the Vudafieri-Saverino Partners Studio during the Milan Design Week, displays a selection of ceramics by the British young designer. Works that reinterpret history and architecture through shapes, colours and pop atmospheres.
Milano Design Week 2018 - “Historical Promiscuities - Works by Adam Nathaniel Furman” is a solo exhibition by Adam Nathaniel Furman, bringing a selection of the young English designer/artist’s works to Milan.

Under the curatorship of Luca Molinari, the exhibition displays – from the 16th to the 22nd April - ceramic pieces developed with Bitossi in an exclusive, limited series, and pieces from the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London; as well as drawings, prints and videos made by Adam Nathaniel Furman.
The exhibition venue is the studio of Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, where Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino have constructed a narrative work space, inhabited by eclectic artistic references, and which - together with Luca Molinari – has been re-invented for this occasion with a new and intriguing storyline. It is a context based on contaminations between different styles, markings, and references, and which provides the perfect framework to Adam Nathaniel Furman’s works, evoking the peculiar pop style which has rapidly brought him to the centre of public and critical acclaim.
Exhibition abstract Free and unexpected experimentation is one of the greatest ways in which we can revive design and architecture from a period of dullness; different solutions are called for, and courageous choices are needed. Young English designer Adam Nathaniel Furman’s work in both theory and design is one of the most surprising and stimulating counterpoints to the contemporary scene, and it is exhibited here, at the studio of Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, for the first time in Italy.
“Two families of ceramic micro-architecture occupy the atelier, creating a dialogue with the contemporary works of art which normally occupy the same spaces. Adam Nathaniel Furman, has been highlighted by design media as one of the emerging creative talents on the British scene, and his works here are composed of two distinct groups, with both sharing a surprising capacity to reinterpret the Italian tradition in a Popular and irreverent manner: "Roman Singularity" a series of classically-inspired, brightly coloured ceramics, recently exhibited at the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, and a series of ceramics made by Bitossi, one of the most historically brands defining a creative relationship between avant-garde design and Italian tradition. The pieces have in common a vivid use of colour deployed in vital combinations, along with the capacity to master traditional shapes, creating absolutely unique objects”
Luca Molinari read more »
submission date: 4/5/2018

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Largest-Ever Number of Exhibitors; Buyer Pre-Registration Pacing Ahead

LAS VEGAS, NV – (January 26, 2018) - Las Vegas Market announced today that strong and sustained leasing gains, increases in buyer pre- registrations, product introductions and industry-leading programming are heightening expectations for the Winter 2018 Las Vegas Market, which runs January 28 to February 1, 2018.
“Las Vegas Market momentum shows no signs of slowing and overall exhibitor participation is at an all-time high,” said Robert Maricich, chief executive officer of International Market Centers. “This winter we welcome 79 new and expanding showrooms – totaling more than 469,000 square feet of exhibit space – and we have opened a third pavilion to accommodate expanded gift and home décor temporary exhibits. This vigorous activity is not only an indication of overall industry optimism but also a reflection of Las Vegas Market’s proven ability to deliver an unparalleled market experience.” The Market will present a record 4,300+ furniture, home décor and gift resources for buyers and designers. Resource growth has been strong across all three of Las Vegas Market’s core product categories —furniture, home décor and gift – resulting in increased breadth and depth of product offerings at Winter Market.
In total, 42 new and expanding furniture showrooms are opening this winter, bringing Las Vegas Market’s total furniture resources to 2000, and there also has been significant growth in bedding, with 220 resources to be featured at the Winter Market. Category Highlights include recent newcomers Amalfi Home Furniture (leather, upholstery) in 8,998 square feet on A8, Flores Design (upholstery) in 2,507 square feet on B12 and Restonic (bedding) in 14,115 square feet on A8. Other highlights include previously announced major expansions by Furniture of America, Cheers/Manwah (USA), England Inc. and La-Z-Boy; and debuts by Bernards Furniture Group and Bauhaus Furniture Group. Las Vegas Market also continues to expand its casual and outdoor offerings, and many leading suppliers are shifting their production cycles to debut new products at Winter Market.
Las Vegas Market is the nation’s fastest growing gift and home décor market and the leading furniture marketplace in the western U.S., presenting nearly 4,300+ gift, home décor and furniture resources in an unrivaled market destination. Las Vegas Market features thousands of gift, furniture and home décor lines, allowing for cross-category commerce among these industries. The Winter 2018 Las Vegas Market runs January 28 to February 1, 2018. For more information, visit read more »
submission date: 1/26/2018

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Las Vegas, NV (January 25, 2018) – In its inaugural year, Scott Living’s home-focused consumer goods line with Coaster Company of America quickly became a best-seller. With over 400 SKUS, the collection reflected the Scott brothers’ personal style inspired by what they hold dear – home, family and a commitment to quality. Now, the wildly-popular twin brothers, who catapulted to fame on HGTV’s Property Brothers, are back at it again presenting over 250 new SKUS in all major categories and accents at Las Vegas Market January 28 – February 1. With Scott Living, Jonathan and Drew have collaborated to create a perfect blend of ideas, making their dream homes within reach. Jonathan says, “Comfort, clever details and quality focused design direct from Drew and I is within reach through Scott Living.” Drew adds, “We are thrilled our collection with Coaster has continued to grow and remains one of the most popular home furnishing collections available.” The additions featured in the 2018-2019 Scott Living collection offer a mix of materials, textures and finishes focusing on natural and organic roots as well as mixed media with an industrial flare and a clean and sleek contemporary look. The collection includes a variety of pieces that allow buyers an opportunity to create finished rooms or find a unique piece to add to their existing décor.

Entrepreneurs, TV personalities, and best-selling authors, Jonathan and Drew Scott are co-founders of Scott Brothers Global, which includes Scott Living, among others. Scott Living is a highly-successful collection of home goods including indoor furniture, décor, textiles and bedding, available at a variety of North American retailers including Amazon, QVC and Lowe’s. The Scott brothers are hosts of multiple top-rated HGTV series including the Emmy-nominated Property Brothers, Brother vs. Brother and Property Brothers at Home. Their shows are enjoyed by millions of viewers in over 150 countries. Their books, Dream Home and It Takes Two: Our Story were New York Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers. For more information about Scott Living, please visit

Coaster Company of America has been an importer and distributor of fine furniture in the United States since 1982. We offer a diverse selection of quality, stylish, and valuable casual and formal dining furniture, entertainment centers, home theater chairs, sofas, futons, bedroom sets, bunk beds, daybeds, occasional/accent tables, curios, rugs and much more for your home.
read more »
submission date: 1/25/2018

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Le Elidi have won a Good Design Award 2017

Aliantedizioni is pleased to inform you that Le Elidi - the fruit bowls designed by Alessandro Loschiavo and Marco Paiani - have won a Good Design Award 2017. This is the prize assigned annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.
Founded in 1950, the GDAward is the world's oldest award program for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product and graphic designs produced around the world. This is the sixth time that Aliantedizioni have received this prestigious recognition and the eighth award received by Alessandro Loschiavo.
Le Elidi
Series of bowls similar to flower corollas that seem to rise from the top of a table as giant translucent water lilies. Conceived as lightweight fruit bowls, they are available in two sizes in film of translucent polypropylene for food and are obtained by lifting and hooking the petals of a two-dimensional silhouette contained in a very thin package. The Elidi are in fact easy to be assambled and disassembled due to the flexibility of the material which also facilitates washing and placing in a simple drawer when not in use. Once the life cycle is expired, the material results fully recyclable. read more »
submission date: 1/17/2018

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The portuguese brand OIA – Furniture & Objects by Barmat will be present at the next edition of Maison et Objet in Paris, starting this 19th January, with his own stand and introducing new materials. For the second time in the show, OIA, a brand launched by BARTMAT- Barros & Matias S.A. in the last year, is ready to present their news stones for the COSMOS series: the ERAMOSA and the GRAPHITE marbles. OIA – Furniture & Objects was created with no details left to chance and the goal of offering the highest quality products. To be able to achieve it, OIA combines traditional stone craftsmanship techniques with a modern sophistication that transcends any singular design style. Always searching for the best, OIA has challenged the André Teoman Studio to create a fabulous series of products. This collaboration resulted in the Sputnik – dining table and the Kandinsky sidetables series, which have been added to the collection already created by OIA Design Studio, where COSMOS – side & coffee table and the ORBITER dining table are included. read more »
submission date: 1/15/2018

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eVolo Skyscraper Competition
Winners 2016

eVolo Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Skyscraper Competition. The Jury selected 3 winners and 21 honorable mentions from 489 projects received. The annual award established in 2006 recognizes visionary ideas for building high- projects that through the novel novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments. The FIRST PLACE was awarded to Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu from the United States for the project New York Horizon. The design proposes a continuous horizontal skyscraper around the full perimeter of a sunken Central Park. The project would create 7 square miles (80 times greater than the Empire State Building) of housing with unobstructed views and connection to the park. The Hive, designed by Hadeel Ayed Mohammad, Yifeng Zhao, and Chengda Zhu from the United States received the SECOND PLACE. The project imagines a vertical control terminal for advanced flying drones that will provide personal and commercial services to residents of New York City. The recipients of the THIRD PLACE are Valeria Mercuri and Marco Merletti from Italy for the project Data Tower. The proposal envisions a sustainable skyscraper in Iceland designed for Internet servers. Among the 21 honorable mentions there are skyscrapers that purify air, buildings conceived to create rain for the driest regions on Earth, vertical cities, sensory towers that explore our psychological relationship with space, and skyscrapers that prevent cities to sink. The members of the Jury are: Matias del Campo [principal SPAN], Thom Faulders [principal Faulders Studio], and Marcelo Spina [principal PATTERNS]. The 2016 Skyscraper Competition was made possible with the sponsorship of our media partners and v2com. eVolo Magazine is also pleased to announce the publication of EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS 3, the third book in the Skyscraper Series. This publication includes the best 150 projects received in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 competitions. This is a limited edition book and only 500 copies will be available worldwide. read more »
submission date: 3/24/2016
eVolo Skyscrapers 3: Visionary Architecture and Urban Design Hardcover – November 1, 2016 by Carlo Aiello (Editor)

Converging Lines
Tanya Aguiñiga, Ania Jaworska, and Christy Matson

CHICAGO- Volume Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition with Tanya Aguiñiga, Ania Jaworska, and Christy Matson, Converging Lines, opening January 29th from 5-8 PM at 845 W Washington Blvd, Chicago. Converging Lines offers new works by Aguiñiga, Jaworska and Matson which are the result of each designer challenging, amplifying and emphasizing the traditional contextual mediums within which they work. Christy Matson is a fiber artist whose jacquard woven work can often be ‘read’ as brushstrokes, nuanced in palate and structure. The watercolor works by Matson in Converging Lines are simultaneously studies for weavings and complete expressions. In these pieces that same palate and structure is evident, effectively guiding Matson effortlessly from one medium to another while emphasizing the materiality of each. Three extractions from Ania Jaworska’s suite titled A Subjective Catalog of Columns explore the history of architecture and challenge our perceptions of the built environment. In Catalog, she isolates the columns from a building’s structure, thus removing the context and enabling the images to immediately take on a decorative and graphic tone. By examining the re-contextualized image, the impactful nature of the column’s simultaneous role as art and architecture – both structural and beautiful – can be fully appreciated. Tanya Aguiñiga specializes in woven fiber work, hovering between art and design, communicating through the conceptual and physical. Reveling in their liminal qualities, her practice belongs to both worlds. A well-versed maker and designer, steeped in Mexican and American cultures, her bilingual aesthetics and means of making blend and emphasize traditions specific to each. Aguiñiga’s Knot series are bold colorful massive knotted ropes. Exaggerated in color and scale, and born of the desire to explore the nature of dyes and create a burst of rope, Knots 1, 2, and 3 reveal surprising and remarkable personalities. read more »

eVolo Skyscraper Competition
Winners 2015

eVolo Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Skyscraper Competition. The award was established in 2006 to recognize outstanding ideas for vertical living. Since then, the publication has received more than 6,000 projects that envision the future of building high. These ideas, through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments. In 2015, the Jury, formed by leaders of the architecture and design fields selected 3 winners and 15 honorable mentions. eVolo Magazine received 480 projects from all continents. The winners were selected for their creativity, ingenuity, and understanding of dynamic and adaptive vertical communities. The first place was awarded to BOMP (Ewa Odyjas, Agnieszka Morga, Konrad Basan, and Jakub Pudo) from Poland for their project Essence Skyscraper. The proposal is an urban mega-structure that contains diverse natural habitats. The skyscraper would serve as a place to briefly escape urban life and stimulate diverse and complex experiences. The recipients of the second place are Suraksha Bhatla and Sharan Sundar from India for their Shanty-Scaper. The project seeks to provide housing, work and recreational spaces to the inhabitants of Chennai city’s slum in India. The skyscraper is designed to reutilize the city’s post-construction debris including pipes, corrugated metal sheets, timber, etc. The third place was awarded to Egor Orlov from Russia for the project Cybertopia which reimagines the city of the future as the combination of digital and physical worlds – a city that grows and morphs instantly according to our needs. The 15 honorable mentions include skyscrapers designed for the arctic, structures that intend to reverse desertification, abandoned oil rigs transformed into bio-habitats, and atmosphere laboratories among others. The members of the Jury are: Massimiliano Fuksas [principal Studio Fuksas], Michael Hansmeyer [CAAD group at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology], Richard Hassell [principal WOHA], Alvin Huang [principal Synthesis Design + Architecture], Yong Ju Lee [winner 2014 eVolo Skyscraper Competition], Wenchian Shi [project manager MVRDV], Wong Mun Summ [principal WOHA], and Benedetta Tagliabue [principal EMBT Miralles Tagliabue].
submission date: 3/20/2015

eVolo Skyscrapers 2: 150 New Projects Redefine Building High Hardcover – May 15, 2014 by Carlo Aiello (Editor)
eVolo Skyscrapers by Carlo Aiello (Author)

eVolo is an architecture and design journal focused on technological advances, sustainability, and innovative design for the 21st Century. Our objective is to promote and discuss the most avant-garde ideas generated in schools and professional studios around the world. It is a medium to explore the reality and future of design with up-to-date news, events, and projects. read more »

Furniture Design Competition

eVolo Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition. The award recognizes innovative design and creates a forum for the discussion and development of the discipline. What is the future of furniture design? eVolo Magazine received 233 entries from 34 different countries. The Jury selected 3 winners and 20 honorable mentions. The first place was awarded to I-Ting Tsai, Xixi Zheng, Yiru Yun, and Somdatta Majumdar from the United Kingdom for the design of Fabric Chair. This project is an investigation on the use of fabric as a structural material in furniture design. A special resin was developed to harden fabric placed on a rigid mold. The resin hardens the fabric to become structural while retaining its softness in specific locations. Studio La Cube from Spain received the second place for their project Simmis Chair. This simple and elegant design is a study on symmetry and proportions. The goal was to create a dialogue between visual lightness and the strength and heaviness of wood and steel. The third place was awarded to Open Source Workshop from Italy and the United States for the design of Helix, a diffuse furniture system that generates a continuous interior space by adapting simultaneously to any vertical and horizontal surface while defining an immersive spatial atmosphere. The honorable mentions include materials explorations, the use of digital design and manufacturing processes as well as studies in ergonomics and experiential possibilities. The members of the Jury are: Ammar Eloueini [principal Ammar Eloueini Digit-all Studio], Joel Escalona [principal Joel Escalona Studio, NONO], Mitchell Joachim [principal Terraform ONE], Po Shun Leong [principal Po Shun Leong Design], and Alexander Lervik [principal Lervik Design AB]. read more »
submission date: 12/17/2015

Las Vegas Market

LAS VEGAS – (January 18, 2015) – Winter Las Vegas Market – which opened today and runs through Thursday, January 22, 2015 – is drawing rave reviews for the dramatic resource expansion in the Market’s furniture, gift and home décor offerings as well as other changes and improvements throughout campus. Las Vegas Market has experienced explosive growth in leasing activity during the run-up to Winter Market, with numerous showroom expansions by leading vendors, showroom openings by new-to-market resources, and record numbers of temporary exhibitors.
“It’s the first day of Winter Market and there’s such an incredible buzz throughout our campus,” said Robert Maricich, chief executive officer of International Market Centers. “Buyers and designers are filling our hallways to take in all the new companies here for the first time which is translating to the showroom floor. Exhibitors are reporting heavy, consistent traffic and strong order-writing. It’s wonderful to see.”
Day one turn-out mirrored pre-registration indicators with strong attendance by gift and home décor retailers, which supplement the existing furniture buyer base that has been coming to Las Vegas Market since the very beginning, nearly 10 years ago. Furniture buying power remains strong at Market, with 82 of the top 100 retailers registered.
“We've seen a good number of accounts this morning,” said Jeff Lankford, General Sales manager with Steve Silver Company. “We view this as a west coast market and we're seeing west coast dealers that we've never seen before, so that's good. We've already seen about half a dozen of our top 100 retailers – Las Vegas Winter Market is off to a good start.”
“Today being the first day, we meet lots of new faces and see the potential and opportunity for building both our brands – JURA and Capresso,” said David Shull, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for JURA, Inc.
Among opening day highlights was the unveiling of Las Vegas Market’s FIRST LOOK trend presentation, which distills the many thousands of new products available at Winter Market into four key trend themes: “Livable Luxury,” “A Tasteful Hue,” “The Colorful Outdoors” and “Modern Boutique” – each highlighting important decorating and merchandising trends for 2015.
Key findings of the design report include an overall softening of the color palette: Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala, for instance, is not as bright as the group’s recent colors of the year. “A Tasteful Hue” illustrates the role this robust red will play in creating monochromatic interiors; “Livable Luxury,” meanwhile, signals a rise in pastels for 2015; metallic finishes are the perfect foil for these surprisingly livable hues; “The Colorful Outdoors” showcases a variety of products and design themes suitable for summer living and al fresco décor; and “Modern Boutique” presents and promotes the cross-category shopping synergies available in showrooms throughout Winter Market.
Las Vegas Market is the leading furniture, home decor and gift marketplace in the western U.S., presenting 2,200+ gift, home décor and furniture resources in an unrivaled market destination. Las Vegas Market features thousands of gift, furniture and home décor lines, allowing for cross-category commerce among these industries. The Winter 2015 Las Vegas Market runs January 18-22, 2015, at World Market Center Las Vegas. read more »
submission date: 1/20/2015

Las Vegas Market is the most comprehensive furniture, home decor and gift market in the United States, presenting a unique cross-section of 2,000+ resources in an unrivaled market destination. With two markets each year, retailers and designers can shop a broad assortment of product from thousands of manufacturers of furniture, mattress, lighting, decorative accessories, floor coverings, home textiles, tabletop, general gift and more - delivering the most complete, cross-category wholesale tradeshow for the furniture, home decor and gift industries in the United States. For more information, visit Find us on Facebook and Twitter. Las Vegas Market is produced by International Market Centers, L.P. (IMC), the world's largest operator of premier showroom space for the furnishings, home decor and gift industries. International Market Centers owns and operates 11.5 million square feet of world-class exhibition space in High Point, N.C. and Las Vegas. IMC's mission is to build and operate an innovative, sustainable, profitable and scalable platform for the furnishings, home decor and gift industries. For more information on IMC, visit

Marmomacc 2015
The 50th Anniversary Edition

Will Feature an Impressive Program of New Business Opportunities, Continuing Education and Celebrations
The 50th edition of Marmomacc, the International Trade Fair for Stone Design and Technology, will be held at Veronafiere from Wednesday the 30th of September to Saturday the 3rd of October 2015. As in 2014, Marmomacc will be co-located with Abitare il Tempo, Veronafiere's b2b exhibition for professionals from the contract sector, which showcases the latest in materials, interior finishes and décor ( For four days, Marmomacc will, once again, turn Verona into the capital of the entire natural stone sector: marble, granite, stone, machinery and technologies will be on display, during an increasingly business-oriented and international 50th Edition hallmarked by innovation, design and professional education ... read more »

Widianto Utomo 
a multi-talents art designer

born as third generation of overseas Chinese migrant. His interest in drawing has been shown from very early age by drawing on his parents’ bedroom wall. His east and western style educational background and his intensive travel due to his studies, work related, curiousity, passion for travelling and sense of discovering makes his design unique and culturally rich. It is uniquely passionate and ingenuity design with European delicate-minimalist art touch functional design, harmoniously blend with ingenuity yet colourful Asian beauty and heritage accent. His works: drawings, photography, design a thought/ idea have been exhibited and published in Italy, France, Indonesia, Australia, China, Puerto Rico and Japan.One of his projects with Fellissimo/Unesco/design 21 project has become permanent collection at the Kobe Museum in Japan. His goal, his art /design creation can be enjoyed and can give benefit for more and more people who genuinely love and appreciate art and design as part of their lifestyles. Widianto Utomo has been working/ designing as concept designer ranging from furniture, lighting, daily lifestyle products, watch, fashion, jewellery / body wear, home, lifestyle design. read more »

Bonaveri presents
Aloof, the new frontier of mannequin’s design. In London

On 15 May, Bonaveri hosted a special evening for the leaders of Britain’s fashion industry A gala dinner was held during the London leg of The Journey – the Bonaveri road show promoting new concepts in visual merchandising – to present the new Schläppi Aloof collection. The event was attended by the elite of the English fashion industry - visuals, art directors, buyers, architects and designers – who experienced an evening dedicated to creativity “behind the glass”. The guest-list included fashion makers from brands like Burberry, Karen Millen, Stella McCartney, Joseph, and Alexander McQueen, some non-British labels such as Fendi and Louis Vuitton, as well as representatives from London’s major department stores - Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Inside the 600 square meter Louise Blouin Foundation, in the sparkling Notting Hill district, guests were treated to an amazing creative experience in a surreal atmosphere where everything was designed to convey the meaning of the new Aloof collection: from the menus to the floral arrangements, from the sculptural installation of the mannequins on the main stage to the delicate miniatures on the tables. The concept for the evening was designed by Emma Davidge, art director of Chameleon who also co-designed the collection with Bonaveri. The dinner was held between The Journey’s stop in Paris and the main event of the year, the opening of the first Bonaveri showroom in Milan at Via Morimondo 23, scheduled for September. Updates and more at and on the Bonaveri facebook page.
The Bonaveri headquarters and main production facility is located in Renazzo di Cento in Northern Italy. Our 40.000 square foot home is a modern, high tech facility where craftsmen, artisans and administrative staff come together to create our amazing products. Located in a landscaped park, the factory houses body-scanning laboratories, traditional sculpting workshops, production areas, offices and our magnificent showroom. From this single location we produce thousands of pieces every year which are then dispatched to all corners of the world. Take a tour of our home and see how Aloof was made. read more »
submission date: 6/2/2014


Aliantedizioni is celebrating its 15th anniversary with an exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul. A source of inspiration for many artists, poets and writers of romances, the Turkish metropolis never ceases to fascinate visitors from around the world, thanks in no small part to its complex architecture and hypnotic Islamic decoration. Indeed the thousand mosques, the Topkapi Palace and the Serraglio, Sultanahmet, Bazar and Beyoglu zones were the stimuli for some photo shoots assembled by Alessandro Loschiavo in 2012, and for their recent post-production by Samantha Acciuffi. This gave rise to a collection of 27 evocative images, the result of a journey of discovery through the city streets and that, in some cases, almost become some 2-dimensional textures. The images, with more or less explicit references to both the ancient and modern city, have now been gathered into a new publication, a pocket-sized illustrated notebook that combines each portrayal with a blank page for one's own observations or sketches. So, a first AlianteNotebook dedicated to Istanbul that seeks to be a travel companion and record of memories and sensations. The book will be printed on recycled paper and published in a limited series of 999 issues.
Aliantedizioni is a collection of interior and table accessories designed for all those individuals in the world that love to chose, to be acknowledged in their own space and having a preference for formal synthesis. The items are especially dedicated to all those who do not want to abdicate life's pleasures. read more »

designphase dba wins ‘Asia’s Top Design Practice’   at prestigious Singapore Design Awards 2014  
designphase dba

19  March,  2014  (Singapore)  –  Singapore-­‐based  firm  designphase  dba  has  been  named one  of  Asia’s  Top  Design  Practices  at  the  Singapore  Design  Awards  2014.  Organised  by the  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore  (DBCS)  and  IE  Singapore.   The  awards  also recognised  Joris  Angevaare,  Partner  and  Design  Director  at  designphase  dba,  as  one  of Asia’s  Top  Designers. Conceived  in  1988,  the  SDA  was  an  initiative  by  the  Designers  Association  Singapore (now  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore)  and  Trade  Development  Board  (now  IE Singapore)  to  showcase  design’s  strategic  role  in  Singapore’s  overall  economic development.  The  premiere  Awards  were  unveiled  at  the  first  Singapore  International Design  Forum  by  then  Prime  Minister  of  Singapore,  Mr  Lee  Kuan  Yew.   Introduced  for  the  25th  Anniversary  of  the  Singapore  Design  Awards,  the  categories  for Asia’s  Top  Design  Practices  and  Asia’s  Top  Designers  recognise  and  profile  the  region’s best  designers  and  design  practices. designphase  dba  was  joined  by  just  12  other  firms  from  the  region  in  the  list  of  Asia’s Top  Design  Practices.  Working  in  three  unique  worlds  of  design  –  corporate,  retail  and hospitality  –  designphase  dba  has  become  known  for  its  consistency  of  industry- leading  work  throughout  the  region.  In  recent  months,  the  firm  has  won  praise  for  its work on restaurant projects  such  as  Bull  &  Butcher,  Café  Melba,  FoodGarden  and Zafferano. Corporate  clients  such  as  Trafigura’s  Global  Trading  Headquarters  and National Australia Bank  have  also  received  critical  acclaim.   More  recently,  the  team’s work  in  the retail sector  with  Robinsons  Orchard  department  store  on  Singapore’s landmark shopping belt, has  set  new  standards  in  the  design  field.     designphase  dba  Managing  Director,  Mr.  Derek  MacKenzie,  said  both  honours  were  a testament  to  their  focus  on  quality  and  the  creative  talent  of  designphase  dba,  both  as individuals  and  as  a  team  unit.  “Over  the  past  30  years,  we  have  worked  towards building  one  of  the  region’s  best  design  teams.   In  this  competitive  environment, innovative  ideas  and  client-­‐centric  thinking  has  consistently  delivered  designs  that  are ahead  of  the  curve.   These  awards  are  recognition  of  those  efforts  and  are  a  great acknowledgment  of  the  team’s  ability  to  execute  with  originality  while  respecting  our client’s  core  principles.” Partner  and  Design  Director,  Joris  Angevaare,  who  has  taken  a  key  leadership  role  at designphase  dba,  was  also  honoured  as  one  of  Asia’s  Top  Designers  with  12  of  his industry  peers.  Since  joining  designphase  dba  in  2007,  the  Amsterdam  native  has created  a  fresh  and  intelligent  portfolio  of  work  at  the  firm,  including  Robinsons Orchard, Zafferano  and  FoodGarden  at  Asia  Square.  In  October  2012,  Angevaare became  a Partner  of  designphase  dba  to  reinforce  the  continuation  of  the  firm’s  values and extension  of  its  experience. “It’s  an  absolute  privilege  to  be  named  one  of  the  top  designers  in  a  region  that  has become  known  for  its  pursuit  of  cutting-­‐edge  design  innovation,”  said  Mr.  Angevaare. “These  awards  are  a  credit  to  the  incredible  work  of  our  entire  team  over  the  years, and  to  the  leadership  of  Derek  MacKenzie,”  he  said. “Joris  has  been  an  integral  part  of  our  team  ever  since  he  joined  us  in  2007,  and  the decision  to  make  him  a  partner  in  the  firm  in  2012  was  a  natural  choice,”  said  Mr. MacKenzie.  “We’re  delighted  by  his  achievements  and  are  looking  forward  to  many more successes  together,”  he  said.

About designphase dba
designphase  dba  is  one  of  Asia’s  most  exciting  design  firms.   With  celebrated accomplishments  on  some  of  the  most  prestigious  design  projects  in  the  region, designphse  dba’s  deep  track  record  spans  three  worlds  of  expertise:  corporate  –  retail – hospitality. In  the  world  of  hospitality,  designphase  dba  have  worked  on  an  outstanding  list  of esteemed  projects,  including  The  Exchange,  FoodGarden,  Café  Melba,  Zafferano Restaurant,  Napoleon  Wine  Bar,  Amara  Hotel’s  Element  Cafe  and  The  Singapore Cricket Club.    designphase  dba’s  world  of  retail  has  recently  given  birth  to  the  most  compelling injection into  the  retail  scene,  along  one  of  the  world’s  greatest  shopping  streets.   Robinsons Orchard  is  receiving  worldwide  acclaim  for  is  innovative  design  narrative and its attractiveness  to  customers.  The  bright  and  refreshing  approach  has  challenged traditional thinking  and  become  a  beacon  for  over  280  new  and  exclusive  brands. In  the  corporate  world  of  designphase  dba,  Trafigura’s  Global  Trading  Headquarters and National  Australia  Bank  are  a  testament  to  creativity,  knowledge,  precision  and quality. Each  project  is  highly  individual  and  unique  to  their  brand.   Underpinned  by deep research  and  thoughtful  expression  of  corporate  identity,  both  projects accommodate their employees  in  environments  which  are  as  ergonomically  supportive as  they  are technically advanced. designphase  dba  are  continually  recognised  for  their  groundbreaking  work  with  a number of  prestigious  awards.   They  have  recently  taken  home  trophies  at  the  2012 Singapore Design  Awards  for  their  work  on  The  Exchange  at  Asia  Square,  (Interior Design, Branding),  FoodGarden  at  Asia  Square  (Interior  Design)  and  Toby’s  Estate (Interior Design). While  designphase  dba  is  headquartered  in  Singapore,  their  work  spans  the  region.

About  Singapore  Design  Awards  (SDA)
Conceived  in  1988,  the  SDA  was  an  initiative  by  the  Designers  Association  Singapore (now  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore)  and  Trade  Development  Board  (now  IE Singapore)  that  aims  to  showcase  design’s  strategic  role  in  Singapore’s  overall economic development.  The  premiere  Awards  was  unveiled  at  the  first  Singapore International Design  Forum  by  then  Prime  Minister  of  Singapore,  Mr.  Lee  Kuan  Yew.   Focusing  on  the  creative  minds  behind  the  creative  processes  driving  the  design landscape, the  SDA has  adopted  a  fresh  new  approach  and  introduced  new  Awards categories  to  profile  and provide  recognition  to  the  creators  /  designers  and  the  design systems  that  are  in  place to  bring  forth  outstanding  designs  in  Singapore  and  the region. Organised  annually,  the  premiere  Awards  event  also  celebrates  the  achievements  of the creative  industry’s  excellence  and  talents,  and  spotlights  the  strategic  business value of design  to  economies.

About  Singapore  Design  Awards  (SDA)
Conceived  in  1988,  the  SDA  was  an  initiative  by  the  Designers  Association  Singapore (now  Design  Business  Chamber  Singapore)  and  Trade  Development  Board  (now  IE Singapore)  that  aims  to  showcase  design’s  strategic  role  in  Singapore’s  overall economic development.  The  premiere  Awards  was  unveiled  at  the  first  Singapore International Design  Forum  by  then  Prime  Minister  of  Singapore,  Mr.  Lee  Kuan  Yew.   Focusing  on  the  creative  minds  behind  the  creative  processes  driving  the  design landscape, the  SDA has  adopted  a  fresh  new  approach  and  introduced  new  Awards categories  to  profile  and provide  recognition  to  the  creators  /  designers  and  the  design systems  that  are  in  place to  bring  forth  outstanding  designs  in  Singapore  and  the region. Organised  annually,  the  premiere  Awards  event  also  celebrates  the  achievements  of the creative  industry’s  excellence  and  talents,  and  spotlights  the  strategic  business value of design  to  economies. read more »

Acapulco Chair 60th Anniversary Limited Edition
The Common Project

The Acapulco Chair is one of the most iconic chairs of the 20th Century. This year The Common project is celebrating the chair's 60th Anniversary with a very special Limited Edition. The 60th Anniversary Edition consists of a chrome-plated frame with a translucent shell. The choice of materials evokes refinement and sophistication and brings the classic design into the 21st Century. It has been transformed from a fun patio chair into luxury indoor and outdoor seating. Only 600 chairs were produced. The Common Project produces the authentic classic born in 1953 in Acapulco, Mexico and highlights its rich history in the world of design. The chair is also available in the 4 classic colors: black, white, mustard, and turquoise. The 60th Anniversary Acapulco Chair is available for a limited time at The Common Project.
The Common Project was established in 2009 by architects and designers in Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Mexico City as a platform to promote modern authentic furniture and design. At the core of the project stands the philosophy to achieve intelligent and original products with high aesthetic value, functionality, and the highest manufacturing refinement. We celebrate the processes and stories behind each product.

Andrea Cagnetti
Akelo Etruscan jewelry

Born in Corchiano in the vicinity of Viterbo on March 16, 1967. After earning his diploma at the Ronciglione State secondary school specialising in scientific studies, he moved to Rome where he worked for some eight years as a graphic artist at an advertising agency. Always passionately fond of art and archaeology, during those years he also devoted himself to in-depth study of texts and documents regarding the goldsmith’s art in ancient times. Little by little he began to combine experimental activity with theoretical learning with the aim of verifying the hypotheses formulated up until then concerning ancient techniques of working gold. Following innumerable fruitless attempts carefully conducted on the basis of the most erudite studies, Cagnetti tried blazing new trails in research, taking a strictly personal technical and theoretical approach. The first encouraging results thus obtained spurred him to redouble his experiments and concentrate on the application of the methodological procedures elaborated. In 1985 he returned to his birthplace where he began to devote himself to the goldsmith’s art on a fulltime basis under the name of “AKELO.” At this time he first started exhibiting his work at various shows and events. During the course of the next eight years he completed a collection of original jewellery offering proof of his having achieved at last the desired stylistic and technical perfection. His creations aroused the interest of the specialised press, as well as of certain television programmes of a strictly cultural bent. Worthy of mention is an article entitled “ Etruschi, scoperto il segreto dei loro gioielli” (or “The Etruscans, Secret of Their Jewellery Unveiled” that appeared in the Corriere della Sera (29 October 2000) and a guest appearance on “ULISSE” (RAI TRE, 23 November 2000) and “Abenteuer Erde” (HR - Hessischer Rundfunk, 27 April 2002). In 2002 he produced a series of works for Capitalia S.p.A. He currently resides in Corchiano where he continues to pursue his creative activities, including other forms of artistic expression, such as painting and sculpture. read more »

Art Studio Glass
Innovation throught tradition

Working within the ancient traditions of artistic glass, while incorporating technical innovations, our work is about classic taste mixed with contemporary design. We study the material and its capacity for transformation while maintaining the essence of glass. Celebrating the aesthetic qualities of glass, Art Studio Glass is a laboratory for experimentation and new techniques. It is an art lab where all the works are hand-made, reproducible but unique. The essence of hand formed glasswork is its uniqueness, by nature unrepeatable… We specialize in manufacturing glass beads and Murrino glass. Art Studio Glass rediscovers the antique Phoenician, Egyptian and Alexandrine techniques, which conquered the Mediterranean long ago and brings them to the present.

Diana Yu-Ju Lin
Huggable lighting pillow

New design firm with revolutionary lighting product that brings the sun into your arms Boulder, Colorado (March 2007) – The first product launched by Diana Lin Design LLC is REi Huggable™ – a huggable lighting pillow. It won the bronze prize for the 18th Koizumi International Lighting design competition in 2005. REi Huggable™ has also been published in numerous international magazines and design blogs. The inspiration of the REi Huggable™ design is of sunlight. The comforting rays of the sun are shared by people around the world. It is the essence of people’s everyday lives. Sunlight not only represents warmth and light, it also creates happiness, joyfulness, playfulness, intimacy and life. However, people often take this for granted, missing the sunlight only when it is unavailable. The concept is to create a light that captures the essences of sunlight as a reminder, condensing it into something that people can create a close relationship with. The word REi, of REi Huggable™, comes from the sound of the word ray as the ray of sunlight. The word also promotes RE-inspiration from the sun. REi Huggable™ is constructed of a furry pillow cover wrapped around a series of LED lights embedded within silicone bubbles. The idea is to use the properties of the silicone material to act as a diffuser for the LED lights. The silicone’s natural material color is translucent white and when lit with warm white LED lamp, it creates a very warm and comforting glow that represents the sunlight. The tactic material of silicone mimics that of a living creature that almost hugs back at you as you hold it; as well as its ability to absorb body heat, allowing it to be warm to the touch. The shape and material for the lighting pillow cover encourages people to touch, hold and bond with REi Huggable™. REi Huggable™ is a great product for everyday use. It provides a great sense of warmth and security when held. REi Huggable™ can be used as an accent ambient lighting and also as a comforting cushion. It can also be a great night light for those who likes a warm light for a good night of sleep. In addition, it is also a great sunshine alternative that will uplift people’s mood year round for those suffering from S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder), which comes from the lack of exposure to natural sunlight. The usages of REi Huggable™ are only limited by people’s imaginations. Diana Lin Design LLC is a newly formed design firm that designs and manufactures a wide range of products. The mission of Diana Lin Design, LLC is to bring unique and memorable experiences to people with design through physical and emotional experiences. Diana Lin Design, LLC produces innovative products that aim to bring happiness and joyfulness to people and provide companionship. Diana Lin Design, LLC hopes to create products that people will cherish for a live time.

Kyo Design by Christophe Francois

Hilow is the new collection created by Kyo-design, a design agency run by Christophe Francois During the latest Maison & Objet Fair, our booth has appealed to many specialists, whose attention was mainly focused on the Hilow Cube “One”.   Materials  All products from the Hilow range (Cube, Tripod & Flower) have : - a structure made with polyether foam of high density. A second layer of foam with a lower density has been added for a comfortable sitting. A soft polyamid cotton tissue is sewed for a nice appearance and finish. - Four standard colours : black, grey, red and orange. Every other colour can be produced in case of important order. Cube "One" has specific characteristics : - a gas spring (hydrolic damping element) is used to pull up the tray; the gas spring is fixed in the structure. An easy pressure (150 Newton / 15 Kg) has to be exerted on the aluminium push button to pull up or down the tray. Height adjustment of the tray is maxi 20 cm, but the gas spring can be locked in any stroke position desired. - The Acrylic tray is screen-printed and protected by a UV varnish. This means that it is very easy to customize this product Maximum load supported by the tray : around 3 Kg (perfect for a laptop) - Total weight : around 13 Kg   "Tripod" Mixing different sizes is definitely not a good idea, because it would not be steady. These items have thought to be put either on the ground (20 cm & 40 cm - as a seat) or on a seat (4 cm - to give some fun and some more comfort).

Satu Makkonen
Retro print from the Finnish tradition

Finnish designer Satu Makkonen designs home and fashion accessories for her own label Hau Hauz.Hand-screend-printed-designs on 100% linen fabric. Modern and yet timeless, the HauHauz products are manufactured of first class linen. The design has a strong emphasis on trends, but only in a way that fits to the Hau Hauz concept. The combination of Scandinavian design and use of traditional materials gives the products a fresh impression. The starting point for the designs are to create simple, clean shapes and colours which make it easy to create a bold interior effect. The prints are heavily influenced by Finnish and Scandinavian style and design. Strong colour combinations and large prints are part of the style and design. Ideas for the prints come from many sources; the current assortment is strongly influenced by nature: Lotus-flower, Pelargonium and climbers. In addition we have tried to draw some exotic influences from the east with the India Print. Whereas the Stripe Print is a retro print from the Finnish tradition. Despite the varying types of influences in the designs, we have tried to make the designs and patterns interact as a whole. Whereby the designs, whether it be the India print or Stripe print, can easy be combined together to create one whole very modern impression. In our colour schemes you will find both traditional and bold colours, in which traditional linen gets a totally new look.

Ted Silverman
Abstract sculptures

Ted Silverman has been sculpting for over 30 years. He works in Italian and domestic marble, white and colored alabaster and clay. His abstract sculptures evolve from his spirituality and a compelling desire to expend his energy in a way that allows the viewer/owner the opportunity to feel his or her own positive energy. The sensual qualities are liberating for both the artist and the observer. Ted studied in Pietrasanta, Italy with Bruno Breciani and Leo Mutti, both of whom have executed works for Henry Moore, Jacques Lipchitz and Fernando Botero. He continues his studies at the Marble Symposium held every Summer in Marble, Colorado.

Fusion textile design studio

Yaga textile design studio creates handmade exclusive fabrics with unique texture effects based on patented technology. New trends are developed for high fashion, stylish interiors, exclusive accessories, classical and avant-garde theatre. Yaga fusion textile design studio being at the intersection of ancient traditions and up-to-date hi-tech achievements, bravely breaks the bounds between art and craft, daintiness and luxury. Goddess, Mother of all creatures, is the only one, but She has many faces. She is eternal and exists simultaneously in triune: virgin, mother, and crone. All-bearing and all-absorbing, creator and destroyer, she is beautiful Aphrodite and horrible Medusa, Lada and Mara, Vasilisa and Yaga, Kali and Lakshmi at the same time. Yaga is one of the incarnations of Great Goddess, she is Mistress of flora and fauna and triple goddess of fate; she is both a wise helpful adviser and a redoubtable enchantress. Yaga is a guru or a mistress of initiations. Earthly ignorance of youth is burning in the magic fire of her hearth. Through annealing in magic fire young initiates enter the world of sacred knowledge. Yaga is powerful. She ties and tears the threads of fate. Yaga fabrics find their place not only in avant-garde fashion, but also in pret-a-porter. Yaga textile design studio creates fabrics which can be used in manufacture of accessories (bags, gloves, belts, ties), in interior decoration (portieres, screens, lamps, drapery, capes, coverings, wall panels). Texture expressiveness, wide color spectrum and bulk effect allow to create unique theatre costumes and scenographic elements. Moreover, the special fabric compositions can be placed inside a frame and displayed in show rooms as "painting" of a new trend. Ready-made Yaga patterns own unique effects, plasticity, texture, and the depth which has never been achieved in textile design. Each pattern is guaranteed to be a single unit due to its original design, handmade work, and technological secrets of manufacturing. Welcome to Yaga's world woven by us.

Robert Radi
featured in Young Designers Americas

The recently released volume features 61 of the most innovative industrial, furniture, and product designers in the Western Hemisphere. Edited by Carissa Kowalski Dougherty and published by daab, this 400-page, full-color publication is now available worldwide. Beverly Hills, CA July 12 2006 - The creativity and design of Robert Radi, an award-winning designer based in Beverly Hills, California, has been recognized in a new editorial project by Fusion Publishing (Los Angeles – Stuttgart). The beautifully executed book celebrates the inspired work of 61 pioneering designers who represent the new American generation. In her introduction, Carissa Kowalski Dougherty explains that designers in The Americas—including North, South and Central America—are as diverse as the cultures within which they work. “It is difficult to talk about them as one cohesive group; their passions, design strategies, and formal outcomes cannot be summed up in a simple mission statement, nor should they be,” says Dougherty. “The lack of a single, hegemonic style does not mean designers in The Americas are afraid to commit to an aesthetic ideal. Instead, it signifies a dedication to the nature of design and the restlessness of human creativity.” Radi is featured in an eight-page spread with some of his most successful designs—including Personal Microdermabrasion and Consumer Electronics projects —that have collectively generated more than $100 million in sales. The products highlighted demonstrate Radi’s attention to detail, his unique sense of styling, and his ability to come up with humorous, original concepts for household products. Radi grew up in Northern Italy, borne into a rich tradition of design and invention within his family lineage. He moved to the United States some 15 years ago and has gone on to achieve considerable acclaim, winning in excess of a dozen design awards in the last four years alone. Radi has designed products for mass and limited production for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Disney, DermaNew, Paramount, Mattel, Revlon, Colgate, Toyota, Neutrogena, Avery Dennison, Aroma Houseware, and Berkshire Hathaway (GINSU Brand)—to name a few. In 2005, Robert Radi launched his Limited Edition Eyewear line. He is currently working with several of his high-profile clients on products that will be released in 2007
Young Designers Americas by daab (Author), Carissa Kowalski Dougherty (Editor)

Alex Valich and Christine Warren

Long-time collaborators Alex Valich and Christine Warren met in 1995 while studying design in NYC. They fell in love, got married and have partnered together both in work and in life ever since. Established in 2003, redstr/collective is the newest incarnation of the duos work where they consider themselves DJs of design, sampling, mixing and spinning together from different sources to create something entirely unique. redstr/collective is centered on its own product lines as well as working with private clients. They have worked on exhibitions, restuarants, in-store displays, branding, and custom furniture designs. In the future redstr/collective is looking to bring in more designers under the umbrella for their own product line as well as future outside projects.
Alex Valich After studying at Parsons School of Design Alex went into fashion imaging and applies many of those philosophies to the work that redstr/collective does. He has worked on projects for Calvin Klein Cosmetics, The Fashion Center NYC, Poets, and Girly NYC. Alex also has an extensive background in interactive design and development for such companies as Boym Partners, Raydoor,, and Alex loves walking the streets of Williamsburg, taking snapsots, and listening the the latest Wu-Tang or Beck album.
Christine Warren Christine studied and taught product design at Parsons School of Design. After spending over 7 years working for Boym Partners, Christine decided it was time for redstr/collective to do it's own product line that started introduction in the Summer of 2003. She has worked on projects for The National Design Museum, Vitra, Authentics Plastics, and the New York Transit Museum. She has an extensive background in product, furniture, and exhibition design. In her spare time she likes to read about string theory, watch bad television, and play the new Resident Evil on her Gamecube.

Carlo Tosin
Design 2004

Particularly nowadays, what the object exhales is very important, because it let us recognize and love a place and becomes a vehicle of values expressed by the designer such as art witnesses, in the full sense of the word. Its aim is not only an economic target for the firm, but also the extension of the cultural field. Our era has engaged to extend this cultural field with the new awareness of photography, fashion, graphics,architecture.....and design. Art is being enriched by another field considered undeserving till nowadays due to well-known prejudices. Who makes 'design'at present has to cultivate himself in poetry, music and art, because especially in these fields there are incitement and sensibility for a possible verification.
2004 My first artistic study goes back to 1984, but I had already drawn since I was a child, whit a range of drawings on paper investigating abstract themes with constructive patterns of a strong chromatic impact using primary colours inside geometric schemes whith a rationalistic definition. The following development led to a succession of works based on sign interactions given by geometric signs and shapes with a variable density over different points of view which drive me towards more expressive researches. (1984-1985-1986). After some years (1988-1989-1990)supports went from paper to wood with a series of works in which the gestural and informal matrix added to the previous researches with the contaminations of different materials: cardboard, sheets, fibreglasses, sands mantaining a project structure inside the work which can be actually detected in the late works (2003-2004). In these works there is a more and more architectonic research of the painting which combines different materials on staggered bodie and planes with an almost sculpturesque sensation, on the whole. The work arises from a well-definite project, in which the formal creation defines what I call 'TOTEM' with a strong symbolic value, emphasizing intersecting and superimposing, shapes and materials creating a strong-tone and strong-identity connotation.
1997 My last works are based on energy, violence and dynamism of the sign which becomes, in a provocative way, an immediate display of my own and of an aggressive and pragmatic attitude towards reality, which is a logical consequence of a life spent every day without deceptions. My painting has no uncertain terms: the work becomes pure energy of life to be caught in the sign purposes of the space, a daring provocation which exalt action but not contemplation on of the reality which manifests itself in the sign-gesture taking on the fourth-dimension values. I carry out a direct system in painting using very clean colours and counting on a psychic automatism which,in my opinion, is an italian concept which goes back to Boccioni (personal opinion). I try to avoid every preciosity in the art looking for an aggressive structure which gives tone originality in its expressive and provocative force. read more »

Alex Manigod
Alexandromeda - Futuristic Arts

Alexandromeda project is a long-term artistic creation, the one of its kind, unique Recycling of Computer and Electronic parts into futuristic and ancient like Art objects. Beside the artistic value it is the artist’s contribution to the e-Waste reduction which will be an important issue in the 21st. Century. Modern example of how artists using technology and reuse its parts in the artistic creation. Like a modern archeologist I 'm looking for the signs left by the energy of ancient and hyper civilizations in old computer and electronic equipment. Futuristic and ancient forms presented in my Art are showing that there is something mystical going on. I did acknowledge that my artistic way is to decode and encode these signs to create new forms what we understand. Pioneer spirit, lead by higher Energy and dedication to creation of something which is original and unusual it happens right here and it's ready to be presented to the public worldwide. From the mystical ancient worlds, over the present and the future to the deep Universe, everything needed for the creative work I found through transformation of the old electronic and computer parts to the new form of existence. Future Vision arts example and High Tech Art for the 21st. Century

Stefan Beyst
Donald Judd's design
a turning point in the history of modern sculpture?

Apparently, Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate Modern, was not prepared to let the name of Donald Judd (1928-1994) silently fade from our memories - did he not do his utmost to make the man famous in the first place? Ten years after his death - sixteen years after the last substantial exhibition - he presents a big retrospective of the work of the artist who has 'changed the course of modern sculpture''. The exhibition travels to Düsseldorf (19/06 to 05/09/04) and Basel (02/10 to 09/01/05). Heavy artillery, that makes us ask what has to be canonised here at all cost. Who is this master and what everlasting works did he leave to posterity?
BOXES 'Il faut être un homme vivant et un artiste posthume' Jean Cocteau, Le rappel à l’ordre. From 1947 to 1953 - in the heydays of the very 'abstract expressionism' that soon will be promoted as the panacea of the Free World with a little help from the CIA* - Donald Judd studied at Art Students League in New York, the College of William and Mary and the Columbia University. Meanwhile, he is already fully active as an art critic and a painter. Already in 1957, he has his first show in the Panoramas Gallery - although from the paintings exhibited there no trace is to be found in what is announced as the 'first full retrospective'. But things are not going well with the Action Painting in New York. Andy Warhol comes to replace Jackson Pollock. Accordingly, the expressionistic gestures on Judd's canvasses are replaced with a baking tin (1961). read more »

De extasen van eros: Over liefde, lust en verlangen (Dutch Edition) (Dutch) Paperback – 1997 by Stefan Beyst
Het zelfbeeld tussen spiegel en dagboek (Dutch Edition) Kindle Edition by Stefan Beyst

Pawel Grunert

Born in 1965 in Warsaw. Studied at the Faculty of Interior Architecture in Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. In 1990 has made a diploma with distinction (work: MY PRIVATE CHAIRS). Participated in several exhibitions in Poland and abroad (solo exhibitions: HOME/1993, OBJECTS/1995, SHOWING IN A FACTORY/1997, MEBLARIUM 1/2002, OPERA GALLERY/2003). Created a lot of furniture-objects, sculptures, internal arrangements.

James Clar
Interactive lighting design and retail environments

James Clar is a lighting and installation designer working from New York and Tokyo. His work explores the properties of light to create dynamic forms and new methods of communication while fusing together art theory with design and technology. Some of the works explore sound and light interaction while others recreate spatial information or color information. He completed his Masters at New York University's Interactive Telecommunication's Program, concentrating on visual display systems and interactive retail environments. He was a resident artist at new media collective Eyebeam Atelier of NYC as well as Benetton's Fabrica facility in Italy. His work has been shown at The New Museum of Contemporary Arts New York, The Chelsea Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, and the Milan Triennial. His pieces have been featured in numerous magazines including Shift Magazine, Metropolis nyc, Azure, Samsung's DigitAll magazine, Tokion, as well as being awarded the 2004 Design Distinction Award from I.D. Magazine. read more »

John Lowerson

Contemporary living is bringing people back into the city as older areas are regenerated including post industrial areas, factory units comprising apartments for living. artandfurniture offers you the opportunity to help yourself in choosing suitable and innovative pieces to enhance the style of living you have chosen at a price you would consider reasonable, to own unique Art or Design or Craft forms. With no allegiance to previous art or design or craft movements, artandfurniture offers bold statements of design which refer quite comfortably to modernism.

Exclusive and conceptual

Tovdesign, Aije and Emofurn, the definition of a new furniture style. An emotion through a furniture, a built-in expression, the user conflicted. TOVDESIGN is a company that offers know-how and design in furniture domains such as conceptual design, design study, cad-support, prototype building, financial study, serial production, engineering solutions.