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ionone photography: Las Vegas lights
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The Equilibrist. Single by ionone. Listen for free on Spotify and major digital streaming platforms. Now available for download on Amazon, iTunes, Google play, eMusic
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Ionone photography: Las Vegas lights

Ionone photography
"Las Vegas lights"

Ionone art: Being transparent

Ionone art
from social media platforms.
"Being transparent"
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Anima Unveiled House of music

Anima Unveiled "House of music"
"House of music" an one of a kind interview from Randazzo, Italy with luthier and musician Giuseppe Severini performing live music on copies of original antique instruments
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Anima Unveiled Quantum body

Anima Unveiled "Quantum body"
an exclusive live performance by artist Tony Nicotra with makeup artist Stefania Epifano and musician Erica Lo Giudice.
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Living green 1989
Ionone architecture
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Fashion creations
Ionone illustration
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You 2009
Ionone painting
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Spiritual bodies 2017
Ionone photography
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world art

100,000 Lines: Hermann Zschiegner
32A Cooper Square, New York

dieFirma announces 100,000 Lines, a public exhibition viewable from the street featuring work by Hermann Zschiegner, curated by Victor Sira. The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. Even as New York begins to “re-open,” cases across the country rise and we still mourn those who are lost. While we still cannot convene safely indoors, dieFirma holds onto the belief that art remains valuable, and will be converting our window in ...
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world music

New York trumpeter, composer, and arranger Charles Tolliver’s first album in eleven years, Connect, will be released July 31 on Gearbox Records. WBGO premiered a new single entitled "Blue Soul," which will be commercially available June 23, saying that the music has “so much driving urgency” and calling it “a hard-boppish tune with a backbeat groove” ...
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world sculpture

Il Bacio by Tony Nicotra
come il bacio di Francesco Hayez, Gustav Klimt, Amore e Psiche di Antonio Canova, ha una visione quantistica, completamente nuova, più scientifica ma anche molto romantica e tanto delicata . Nicotra arresta il momento del bacio, un attimo prima dell'atto in se, un attimo eterno che rimarrà tale, dove vi è il massimo del desiderio, non un bacio mancato ma un bacio pieno di ogni energia pronto ad esplodere nei due amanti eterni ...
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world architecture

Winners 2020 Skyscraper Competition
eVolo Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Skyscraper Competition. The Jury selected 3 winners and 22 honorable mentions from 473 projects received. The annual award established in 2006 recognizes visionary ideas that through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship ...
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Anima Unveiled "Sexy soul"

Ionone presents Anima Unveiled "Sexy soul" an intimate and vibrant interview recorded in Rome, Italy with actress Lucianna De Falco.

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Megan. Huntly, United Kingdom

So, I stumbled across your music by accident entirely on N1M. Thanks for entertaining me with your music. I must say, it is a relief to hear such amazing songs. Keep writing. You are very talented. Take care. Thanks for the entertainment.
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Audrey. Carlsbad, California, US

I always saw your profile in new artists recommendations but never took the time to listen to any of the music. Ever since yesterday I have been listening to your songs over and over again. What great music!
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Gresham, Oregon, US

I'm listening to you almost everyday. Can't wait till new songs out!!! Woohoo - Please stay safe and healthy!
numberonemusic - Carmella »


Lydia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Hi! I absolutely love your music!!!! The more I listen, the more I like it! Thank You for the music!
numberonemusic - Lydia »