ionone music: When
ionone music: The Equilibrist
Anima Unveiled "sexy soul" with Lucianna De Falco Anima Unveiled YouTube
Anima Unveiled "House of music" with Giuseppe Severini Anima Unveiled YouTube
Anima Unveiled "Quantum body" with Tony Nicotra, Stefania Epifano and Erica Lo Giudice.Anima Unveiled YouTube


Latest ionone music composition for accordion and orchestra. From November 5, 2020 on Ionone YouTube Channel and major online music streaming platforms.

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When. Latest single by ionone.
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The Equilibrist. Single by ionone
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Anima Unveiled

Anima Unveiled House of music

Anima Unveiled "House of music"
"House of music" an one of a kind interview from Randazzo, Italy with luthier and musician Giuseppe Severini performing live music on copies of original antique instruments
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Anima Unveiled Quantum body

Anima Unveiled "Quantum body"
an exclusive live performance by artist Tony Nicotra with makeup artist Stefania Epifano and musician Erica Lo Giudice.
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It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself

Johann Sebastian Bach


Single by ionone

The Equilibrist

Single by ionone

Anima Unveiled

Single by ionone


Composition in four movements

Sonata solo viola

Single by ionone


Single by ionone

Time Machine

Single by ionone


Single by ionone

In San Francisco

Single by ionone

The return of memory

Single by ionone

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Anima Unveiled

Ufficial YouTube channel

Anima Unveiled "Sexy soul"

Ionone presents Anima Unveiled "Sexy soul" an intimate and vibrant interview recorded in Rome, Italy with actress Lucianna De Falco.

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Tamara. Massachusetts, Boston, US

Your music is Very beautiful and simple but most of all innovative and unique. All the big ticket artists could learn a thing or two from your stuff.
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Audrey. Carlsbad, California, US

I always saw your profile in new artists recommendations but never took the time to listen to any of the music. Ever since yesterday I have been listening to your songs over and over again. What great music!
numberonemusic - Audrey »