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Anima Unveiled. Single by ionone. Listen for free on Spotify and major digital streaming platforms. Now available for download on Amazon, iTunes, Google play, eMusic
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Revelation I, II, III, IV movement. 
Ionone music (2011 - 2013)

I, II, III, IV movement. Music by ionone.
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Anima Unveiled
Ufficial YouTube channel 

Anima Unveiled "Quantum body"
an exclusive live performance by artist Tony Nicotra with makeup artist Stefania Epifano and musician Erica Lo Giudice.
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Architecture as communication 1992
Ionone architecture
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Living green 1989
Ionone architecture
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Anima unveiled 2015
Ionone illustration
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Fashion creations
Ionone illustration
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You 2009
Ionone painting
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Observer 1993
Ionone painting
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Spiritual bodies 2017
Ionone photography
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White page 1987
Ionone photography
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world design

Scientists are challenging the status quo in the diamond industry
by Karoline Gore
Over the years, there have been many attempts in pursuit of creating a perfect man-made diamond. It wasn’t until the mid-1950s, when scientists created colored and colorless gems, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Because of British writer, H.G. Wells, scientists have been able to read about the technique of high pressure and temperature ...
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world music

BONIFACIO "Melón Jiménez" (fandangos)
Este video video esta dedicado al genial maestro de la pintura del siglo XX Bonifacio, va por él. Este video a sido posible gracias a la amabalidad y gentileza de la ganaderia Aurelio Hernando, gracias a la Laura por su generosidad. Melón Jimenez (Wiesbaden Novemeber 27,1986 ) is a musician and composer ...
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world painting

Nick Suzuki - Latest works
I consider myself a visual composer who, with lightness, careless and without shame, utilises and mixes different techniques and visual arts. I don’t go along or belong to any group, school or trend. Groups and schools are prisons. Bounds are boundaries to the freedom, the freedom which is the base to try understand who I really am, who You really are. Artistically I don’t have conscious influences. I usually improvise ...
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Anima Unveiled

Ionone presents Anima Unveiled "House of music" an one of a kind interview from Randazzo, Italy with luthier and musician Giuseppe Severini performing live music on copies of original antique instruments.

Anima Unveiled - YouTube channel


Chris. New York, New York, US

Your "Anima Unveiled" is my favourite. i'm just absolutely speechless about it. please keep up the brilliant work, its people like yourself that keep the music alive!
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Adolfo. United Kingdom, London

Great recordings. Really enjoyed your music on N1M and had to hear more. Good luck and keep up the music.
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ionone world

Yogendra Kumar Purohit. Master of Fine Art. Bikaner, INDIA

This post is just a thanks to director or team of and a special art news for my online world art family. because I have found a right art promoter in this true art journey in year 2008 and that day to till today one international art observer is walking and moving with me on this international online art communication path ...
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Lori Nelson

Your pictures make me think!!!! I can look at them 10 times and will see different things every time... Love it!!
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